Medal Heroes Return of the Summoners v3.4.7 MOD (Unlimited Health) APK

Descriptions :

Medal Heroes is an action role-playing game that tells the rise of summoners in a dark fantasy-style world. In this game the player controls a group of different heroes and fights against cruel monsters. The player's squad consists of a maximum of 4 members; Their roles and classes will be very different, allowing the team to fight using many different types of tactics. In fact, tactics in this game refers to using the player's skills at perfect times.


Your squad consists of up to 4 members; Roles and character classes will be very diverse, with many different types of tactics to choose from and arrange as you see fit. Your heroes will automatically attack enemies that try to attack you. In addition, each character has their own set of skills, including active and passive skills, so you have flexibility in using them. Using skills will make your heroes consume MP, and you can use the hot bar to recover or wait for them to charge up like before, but time will be slower.

Organize and manage the squad

Squad layout is an essential thing that you must carefully consider to determine the appropriate position for each member's role and ability. For example, characters capable of fighting in the front line or putting up a good resistance are placed first. And the mages and support people will stand in the background to defend themselves in dire situations.

The ultimate ability is something every team has, and you can activate your team at any time. To activate it, you must follow the system's initial instructions to know how to use abilities and competently perform operations such as dragging, throwing and discarding. After using this ultimate ability, it takes a very long time to cool down. These skills deal massive damage over a wide area and help you kill more enemies. This ultimate ability doesn't cost you anything, so you have unlimited use of it.


Despite the ancient magic and sword scene, the characters in Medal Heroes each have their own special powers. Weapons of heroes can be swords, bows, wands, guns and many other modern weapons. The combination of power and weapons makes you even more excited for this game. You will be possessed by mighty warriors with a unique appearance and destructive power. Each character has their own gear that cannot be changed, but you can change their stats. After completing the quest, you can find special items to improve your character.


If you want to test the squad's overall strength, you can participate in PvP battles and place heroes in appropriate positions. Your opponent will automatically use abilities, but you must activate the abilities and then use them. The reward for the winning team will be a special medal that will help you buy some rare items. Especially when your characters have absorbed enough experience from these particular items, they can level up and become stronger. And dungeon battles are a place where you can train your squad's health and find some items to increase your character's strength or summon a new character.

Features :

* Fast-paced and dynamic battles for you to experience: action combined with battles of 5 consecutive action heroes, simple controls with appropriate skill buttons.
* Summon powerful heroes into your army with over 300 unique heroes. Participate in special battles to collect heroes with unique abilities.
* Character development is easy and quick through training sessions and battles. Heroes can evolve even when you're not playing the game, so you don't have to worry about probability and efficiency.
* Diverse content with many battles in 10 strategic PVE and PVP modes are waiting for you to join. Assemble the right squad and be fully equipped with skills and weapons to be ready for the victory to come.
* The UI is filled with content: Guild is a place where players can connect and join guilds, Arena is a competitive area between strong teams. The content all has attractive storylines, quests, and rewards for you to enjoy.

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