Masketeers Idle Has Fallen v4.4.1 MOD (Mod menu/one hit kill/god mode) APK

Descriptions :

Masketeers: Idle Has Fallen - RPG that offers the player to join the fight alongside the heroes with the dark demons. The user will be able to collect a few characters endowed with powers, mysterious masks for confronting the forces of darkness interfering with the peaceful order of things. In order to defeat the enemy, players need to skillfully use the charges of the basic skills and also create a chain of combinations for ultimate blows. Defeating enemies allows you to build skills that help uncover a wide range of teammate abilities and talents.


In order for each character to be ready for their next journey in Masketeers, the system allows for preparation and upgrade activities. Each character will own a mask again and they need it to start their journey to destroy monsters. You can customize the masks and select them in the gallery before the game has started. Confrontations require masks as the perfect choice to hide your true identity.

In addition to the energy provided by the mask, other sources of power such as cards, talismans or the support of teleportation machines will also help you to overcome difficulties. You can only use the power of cards or a support talisman for a certain period of time, and the power is doubled when the power-up card is activated. Guardian gods are also summoned to make your battle smoother.


The necessary recipes for recreating Power Orbs in Masketeers are provided. You are an orb of amazing power if you know how to combine and attack. Their various forms differ in size and color. Depending on the formula you apply, they appear. The big orbs and the perfect power source will help you defeat your opponent with just one attack.

Combat takes place individually or in teams, and players take turns performing attacks when their order is reached. Attaching amulets will also help you avoid certain losses when participating in battle. In team play, characters support each other when the monster they are dealing with has been defeated. The Force Concentration confrontation method will make it easier to deal with monsters in groups.


The challenges in Masketeers follow each level. If you are a new player and you are just preparing new equipment to start the battle, the monster that will confront you is extremely easy to handle. As you level up, the monsters you fight will also get stronger. Therefore, upgrading the level brings many effects. At the end of the game, the rewards are always what people are most interested in. Bonuses, new levels and leaderboard results will help you climb the ranks quickly.


Masketeers open up a whole new world of experiences that are both relatively interesting and novel. Players have the ability to directly generate their own energy sources, which they can then use as a powerful tool to defeat their opponents. All the heroes gathered in the arena join a squad and go in search of justice. There are still many tasks ahead of you and you will face hundreds of unpleasant situations that will put you under considerable pressure. When the fight is over, however, you'll receive some well-deserved treats in the mail.

Features :

* Become a powerful hero by owning an army of masked heroes with different powers. In the name of the cause you can do your duty well.
* Use the energy source synthesized in the masks, collect different masks and upgrade them to make the energy source more terrible.
* Complete the assigned levels by participating in different battles. You will encounter a new opponent with excellent attack and damage abilities in each game.
* When you find the formula to combine the power of many small orbs, you can create your own to throw those orbs at the opponent and knock them down with just one attack.
* Different levels will rate each character. As the level increases, so does the number of monsters and their strength.

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How to Download and Install Masketeers Idle Has Fallen?

First, click the download button, the APK file will be downloaded automatically.
Locate the downloaded APK file in your phone's Downloads folder and open it to install.
Go to your mobile settings, click Security, then Unknown Resources.

Now open the app and enjoy.