Major Mayhem 2 v1.205.2023010423 MOD (Unlimited Money) APK

Major Mayhem 2 v1.205.2023010423 MOD (Unlimited Money) APK

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Developer :
Rocket Jump Games

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Shooting games have been around for a long time. These games are always in demand among many players because they are fun, fast paced and action packed. If you look at games today, most of the popular games involve shooting in one way or another, like PUBG or COD. If you are a fan of these games then you will love this one!

Major Mayhem 2 is an arcade shooting game developed by Rocket Jump Games. The game now has over 10 million downloads on the Google Play Store. In this part, the story continues as you, as a lone ranger, must save dozens of hostages! Here you can use tons of weapons, complete many stages and take part in tons of action-packed scenes! Read on to find out more.

Heroic Gun Shooting Game
A special soldier's life is suddenly turned upside down by the murdered face of the killer. His lover was accidentally kidnapped by them while visiting his home. Fortunately, she made an effort to contact him and told him that she had been kidnapped by an underground organization. With a soldier's skill and dexterity, he plans and begins his journey to save the love of his life.

Run, hide and shoot!
Even though this is a shooting game, Major Mayhem 2 has a completely different gameplay. All the actions you have to do in this game are just run, hide and shoot. This time the enemy is not the simple ninja but the mummies and aliens along with the advanced technology. If you hit the mummy's laser beam or red ball, there is a high chance that you will sacrifice. So you have to be one step ahead of them or wait for the bullets to fly past and then counter from hiding.

In Major Mayhem 2 you can not only walk through the jungle as before, but also have to fight with the enemy while driving, canoes, even helicopters. This will give you more challenges than just running and shooting. This game is suitable for those who have little free time, as each stage lasts only a minute or two. You can save the game and continue the journey tomorrow or anytime, don't need to play from the beginning.

The journey takes 50 levels
With 50 levels of the game, you have to fight tirelessly until you succeed and save your girlfriend. You experience a light entertainment story as a film. Prove your combat skills, destroy all villains and capture more than 150 medals in the game.


* Unique Gameplay - Nowadays there are countless games that involve shooting. The most popular genre is Battle Royale, where games like PUBG and COD thrive. But if you're looking for a classic shooting game to get addicted to then you'll love this one! Major Mayhem 2 is the second part of the widely successful game of the same name. In here, you can still take on hostage rescue missions. But unlike today's popular games, this one is set in a classic arcade style with interesting twists. Overall, this game is unlike anything you've ever played before!

* Loads of missions - Major Mayhem 2 features 5 colorful and fun, action-packed chapters! There are tons of missions in each chapter, which would add up to 150 in total. In each chapter you have to fight against 5 big bosses at the end! Apart from that, there are 150 mini mission objectives that you can complete to earn more rewards. The plot is as fun and lighthearted as it gets.

* Large selection of weapons - There is also a large selection of weapons to choose from in this game. There are pistols, rifles, sniper rifles, shotguns, bazookas and more! There are 7 unique weapon types, each with their own unique characteristics. Use them carefully and in the perfect situations. It's up to you what you bring to each mission!

* Classic Graphics - This game brings back the classic arcade experience, complete with 2D gameplay! The character designs and the environment make this game so intriguing. It might be an arcade game, but it contains 3D elements that make it so amazing.

* Controls - This game also allows you to control your character smoothly and easily. Here, you just have to move your character forward and backward. It also automatically hides when you're not taking a picture.

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