Mahjong Treasure Quest v2.31.1 MOD (Unlimited Money) APK

Mahjong Treasure Quest v2.31.1 MOD (Unlimited Money) APK

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Descriptions :

Mahjong Treasure Quest is another implementation of the board game Mahjong for mobile devices. In it you help the adorable Sophie and her cat Oliver to collect the treasure and find the parents of the missing girl. To do this, they must defeat an evil sorceress. The heroine gets closer to her goal one level after the other. The player must also remove identical tiles and clear the board. After completing the 300 steps, a variety of stats and many bonus levels are available to him.


In this game you are the girl with modern and novel magic who can help to build new gardens. Mahjong Treasure Quest gives you new mahjong games and you have to solve them. However, you will find many unique things in it since the ways of playing Mahjong have changed and you will also see many modern playing styles that you have never tried before.

These ways of playing will inspire you and give you more courage to overcome challenges. The game will go from low level to high level, and each level always contains many exciting things for you to explore. Additionally, the game will also help you get used to the new playstyles so you can conquer with confidence. Here, too, there will be something new to increase efficiency and create attractiveness for you.


Players have the right to challenge many friends to make a difference in this game. Mahjong Treasure Quest wants you to be able to choose your own opponents, and cards are drawn randomly to add to the fun. Players also have the right to win, but the game offers you more and more strange situations and you have to handle them skillfully to overcome the pitfalls that the game offers.

Sometimes there are mahjong games where you can't find the matching cards and it's difficult to visualize the connections. But the game offers you more related support as well as the most honest help. This will allow you to overcome difficulties as quickly as possible. At the same time, you also need to win the upgrade right to create your own unique features for your garden, to create a novelty for this magical world.


The gift boxes that you are lucky enough to have also contain magic spells. You can use these spells on yourself or redeem them in many different forms. The mahjong games are offered continuously and you will see the uniqueness of each mahjong game in Mahjong Treasure Quest. Players will also find other exciting things as well as a range of exciting upgrades for their own garden.

Thanks to these upgrades, you can create a beautiful garden for yourself. Everything in it is old and doesn't seem to suit you, so a few objects and plants also create intimacy. Especially when upgrading the garden, you can go to another area and start this mysterious series of renovations. You will also find the game more interesting, and you will also find your own hobbies to find life more meaningful than ever.

Thanks to mahjong games, you have even more to learn in Mahjong Treasure Quest. Players always want more exciting things and you can win more attractive gifts. Especially as the levels progress, the challenge becomes more and more complex and you will always want to assert yourself. Players must also win to unlock many valuable gifts and have the opportunity to advance to even bigger rounds.

Features :

* Become a Magical Girl and match Mahjong tiles with similar properties to win important upgrades.
* Become a talented master by challenging yourself through more difficult mahjong games and get more upper hand.
* Challenge your friends to a mahjong game and try to win to create a new world for yourself.
* Use helpful tools or interesting hints to create attractive looks for players.
* Win more new spells and renovate expansive gardens to create the most beautiful world.

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