Magic Siege Castle Defender v1.95.307 MOD (Unlimited Money) APK

Magic Siege Castle Defender v1.95.307 MOD (Unlimited Money) APK

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Developer :
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Descriptions :

Magic Siege - Defender - Strategy subgenre TD in which the player takes on the role of the mage defending the castle walls from monster attacks. With magic spells and cunning traps needed to fend off the huge number of monsters and protect the castle. During the passage of the many levels, the user can open new magical abilities and study the scrolls, and in critical situations show the entire magical powers using potions and artifacts. The game has excellent graphics and special effects, a large number of stages of increasing difficulty and classic genre gameplay.


A strategy game seemed to shake the world of players - Magic Siege. In this game you have to bravely face the wild monsters and rely on your strength and wisdom to defeat them all. This is considered the best strategy game; It is always trying to change and update better features for us gamers. Now you can comfortably enjoy your battle through the many levels that are added to the game one by one. In addition, players can now more easily control their participating characters thanks to the changed options. Players can easily adjust the balance between controls in tough battles. Now nothing can distract your fighting spirit. In addition, we have added more game modes, they have been increased from easy to hard, and you are free to choose the level that suits your strength.


When you join such strategy game, you have to develop excellent strategies to be able to fight the enemy. Well, your enemies aren't as easy as other games; Here they are all bloodthirsty zombies and millions of aggressive monsters. Not only that, they also possess powerful abilities; Day and night invade your castle. Take over and kill all remaining humans. Can you afford to fight with so many evil enemies and put them to flight?


You are a powerful mage in Magic Siege; You must complete life's vital mission - protect the castle. In order to keep your castle safe, you must use sensible strategies and master your magic skills. Each skill in a magic scroll gives you different powers; You need to use it properly to be able to defeat the enemy while you still have plenty of power. With the latest version of this game, we added a new skill and magic to further increase your fighting power.


In order to ultimately defeat these millions of monsters/zombies, every skill is essential and you must use them at the right time. With the magic upgrade system, players increase their magic powers. Tune in in time to kill stronger monsters. The more high level monsters you kill, the bigger the rewards you get. In the same new version of Magic Siege, the screen will show you the opponent's total score. Keep a close eye on the opponent's level to be able to achieve certain victories.


Fight powerfully against hordes of evil enemies without having to worry about anything because you already have all the skills and spells needed in battle. Indispensable in the fight against monsters, players have a huge arsenal with six different magical weapon systems. To increase the thrill and excitement of Magic Siege, the excellent sound system and beautiful graphics contribute greatly to the success of this game. Dare to fight to defend your citadel now!

Features :

* Unlimited Customization Possibilities: Offer different combat options to defeat enemies in challenging raids. At the same time diverse game modes and simple controls.
* Magic Weapons: Support more than six different weapons and four witch roles to fight the enemies and you have to use them intelligently to unleash their full power and improve them every day.
* There are tons of spooky ugly zombies and weird shaped monsters; Enemies are getting stronger and stronger, so you have to overcome your fear and use your skills to destroy the strongest enemies.
* PVE campaign with an immersive story and complex characters to experience, use magic to blast your way through dangerous levels with exciting offline battles and magical fantasy graphics.
* Build and upgrade your castle with a powerful army of heroes and watch the attacking direction of monsters to prevent them from reaching the wall and destroying it.

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