Machinika Museum v1.12 MOD (Unlocked) APK

Machinika Museum v1.12 MOD (Unlocked) APK

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Developer :
Plug in Digital

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Descriptions :

Brain games are always valued for the usefulness they bring. The knowledge of the game and the ingenuity of the brain have come together in the game of wisdom. Machinika Museum is a unique intellectual game in the series of intellectual games. This is a game that describes the construction of multiplayer devices. Also, intellectual questions appear in the game as keys to help players open the game's codes. Machinika Museum The game gives players a heaven of wisdom and most importantly of interesting things that emerge as you experience it. The intellectual games always ask the player who is understanding and sensitive to the brain. It is the intelligence of the player when applying for the game that can solve the demands that the game poses. The difficult riddles, the details that the player has to explain always bring trouble to the players. However, that is the reason why the game attracts a lot of players because these difficulties are the excitement of the game. Let's download the game and experience it!


Machinika Museum is a museum with puzzles for players to solve. The game is always a good choice for players who want to challenge their minds and solve unique and new knowledge. Quiz like a galaxy, the wealth of knowledge and variety of question genres are the highlights of the game. Gamers are particularly interested in the game because of the knowledge that the game brings. Using their logic and powers of observation, the player challenges the machines in the game to repair them. Every question in the game must always be answered by the player himself.


The main feature of the game is the puzzles that the game poses for the player. Players with their own knowledge, logic and ingenuity answer these puzzles. The later puzzles will challenge the player with more sensitivity and intelligence. The player's observation ability is also crucial and will help the player pass the rounds more easily. The images of the machines are beautiful and quite striking. Machinika Museum These machines are equipped with refined and unique details that attract players to experience the game. Player visibility is greatly improved while playing. The game has many different languages ​​suitable for many countries around the world. This is also a popular feature of the game. There are also many interesting things waiting for you as you experience the game. These supposed machines from another planet possess unique details that challenge players to repair and upgrade them. Machinika Museum promises players many surprises.


Machinika Museum is an intellectual game, so it is the first choice for players who want to improve their knowledge and practice their ingenuity. The game is appreciated by providing players with knowledge and helping players improve their agility in experiencing. The game's graphics also play an important role in the game's popularity. Graphics are immediately noticeable in the fine details of the in-game devices. Players' ratings are always based on the knowledge and challenges that the game poses. Players can experience the game directly and receive a direct evaluation of the game. Let's download the game to your device and experience it!

Features :

* Challenging Puzzles: Use your keen logic skills and observational skills
* Mysterious Atmosphere and Story: There's so much you don't know...
* Gorgeous graphics, cryptic alien machines have never looked better
* Intuitive and pleasant touch controls. Why make it complicated?
* Available in English, French, Spanish, German and Italian

Machinika Museum MOD features:

Full game unlocked

Last words

It's such a worthwhile mobile brain hacking game! Let's download Machinika Museum to have a try!

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