Layton Curious Village in HD v1.0.6 MOD (full version) APK

Descriptions :

The Layton series of games is very popular among lovers of puzzle video games. The game Professor Layton and the Curious Village has appeared on Android under the new name Layton: Curious Village in HD. This game has been renewed with a standard HD version. Every inch of the player's experience will be excellent. Join the game to challenge your mind with tricky puzzles and unsolved mysteries and enjoy the great emotions that the game brings


Layton: Curious Village in HD is an adventure video game rated best adventure game. This game is a LEVEL-5 Inc. product and part of the popular The Layton series of games. Once considered a video game legend, it's now available for Android with a brand new HD digital version, so you can enjoy this exciting game right on your mobile device.


Professor Layton is the main character in this story and he is a British archaeologist with big ambitions for his profession. He and his apprentice rode their bikes to a secluded, secluded area somewhere in St. Mystere and discussed business with a widow after receiving a letter from her. This person is the widow of a wealthy baron who died before leaving. He left a will that said: The Golden Apple - his family's most precious treasure - is hidden in this village. Whoever finds it becomes the heir to the vast legacy of the entire Reinhold Estate family.

The plot of Layton: Curious Village in HD is quite strange and crazy when there are unexpected and unpredictable episodes. This game is a set of mysteries and you have to control Professor Layton and his friend Luke to solve the difficult puzzles throughout the game.


The map of St. Mystere Village is divided into several parts, and some parts can be unlocked after completing some key quests. Combined with a detective element, examine objects and talk to each one by touching the desired object with your finger. Sometimes investigations lead to results. Only a handful of people can tell you what to do and others can't.


Layton: Curious Village HD features over 100 varied and challenging puzzles created by Akira Tago. He's a psychologist known for his legendary puzzles, including slide puzzles, matchstick puzzles, and even cool and slightly difficult trick questions. This not only challenges your brain, but also trains your observation, logic and thinking skills. Not only will you complete the list quests, but you'll also be able to work through the villagers you've investigated to uncover their own mysteries. From there you can gradually unravel the mystery of the final location of the huge treasure.

After solving a puzzle you can get unique rewards like machine parts, furniture or portrait parts. These bonuses can be used in unlocked minigames.


One great thing is that this game will feature some exclusive and unprecedented cinematic scenes in the previously released video game series. This is considered a great privilege for Layton: Curious Village HD players as these animated scenes are a big secret of this game. After the first download, you can play offline immediately without internet.


The characters of this game are drawn with intricate brush strokes and come to life with amazing HD graphics. The footage that tells the main storyline of the game is also beautifully reproduced in this game. The game's original soundtrack is an integral part of the success of this series, so these timeless soundtracks continue to accompany this game to give players a good experience.

Are you confident in your intelligence, powers of observation and logic? The mind is a powerful human weapon and makes humans superior to other animals. Are you ready to raise your "weapon" to overcome unprecedented difficult questions? Help Professor Layton answer the big questions and enjoy the wonderful emotions that come with it. Called tricky puzzles, this is the perfect game for your brain.

Features :

* Part 1 of the Layton series
* Over 100 puzzles designed by Akira Tago to solve on your way to solving the case
* New! Exclusive never-before-seen animation footage
* Beautifully remastered in HD for mobile
* Addicting mini-games involving collecting gizmos and parts of a mysterious painting, and chasing secondary characters
* Offline play after the first download

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