Lamar Idle Vlogger v67_01-10_ab6.1_store Mod (Free Shopping) Apk

Lamar Idle Vlogger -
 a clicker in which players help the main character change their life for the better. And also have a visual confirmation of success and progress. At the beginning of the game, the character lives in the most terrible area of the city, where even the most die-hard criminals are afraid to interfere. He has a cherished dream and a lot of strength to make it come true. Participants will oversee the timely allocation of resources, investments in development, transformation of the created content, as well as many other factors. That will get the station out there and make him an incredibly popular person among bloggers.

A guy who drives a rusty bucket cannot repay his debt to his friend and decides to become a blogger. He is denied a cell phone loan and borrows it from a friend. This is his last chance to get out of the slums.
* Grab your friend's phone and try to record something.
* If it works, maybe you can buy yourself a new phone and finally get some decent clothes.
* Your rust bucket hardly starts, scrap it or take it to the garage.
* Perhaps one day you can get enough money to fix your house. It's hard to sleep with the wind from these cracks in the walls.

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