KING`s RAID v4.80.2 MOD (Unlimited Money) APK

KING`s RAID v4.80.2 MOD (Unlimited Money) APK

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Vespa Inc

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Descriptions :

King's Raid is not an uncommon name for the gaming community. When it was launched in early February 2017, this game immediately had a strong viral effect in the domestic gaming community. King's Raid makes a big difference to other products of the same genre, from storylines, graphics to gameplay.

In King's Raid, players know how to understand the attributes and qualities of each character in the lineup.
General information

King's Raid is an outstanding action role-playing game in which players are tasked with creating a team of four heroes from different character classes and entering the PVP war against players around the world. King's Raid features team-building gameplay with fast-paced combat and a massive cast of characters for players to collect and level up. In the game, players build a team of four heroes from seven different character classes, including warrior, knight, archer, wizard, priest, assassin, and mechanic. Each character has different combat skills and roles in combat.

Combat in King's Raid focuses on combining skills between characters. Players must develop a reasonable strategy to achieve the highest combat effectiveness. Besides the story-based missions, JRPG King's Raid iOS game also offers many other attractive modes for players to challenge. For example, in a real-time PVP arena, you can fight against other players around the world, boss squads, and co-op battles.

King's Raid has a beautiful graphic background. It will surprise you with the great effect of activating characters' abilities. Also, players can customize the character with a fashion collection.

battle mode

King's Raid combat mechanics are easy to understand. You design the battles in the game and all the characters participating in the characters will do their best to defeat the enemies in front of them. When using basic attacks, the heroes of the game gain the energy called Mana Orbs. The mana orbs are used to perform the abilities that the player has equipped the hero with. Timing and calculating to use abilities is all players need to do.

group management

When conquering, players gradually open a variety of heroes to collect and form their own party. It is the most important mission in King's Raid as each hero has unique abilities and strengths. Combining them to create a powerful team and suit their playstyle is something players need to think about.

There are three basic types of heroes that the player must master, namely defense, offense and recovery. An effective team needs all three types of characters. Also, in King's Raid there are two types of damage as magic and physics. Therefore, players must also learn to make the right choice. If not, don't ask why you're being bullied by the bosses all day in levels 3 and 4.

skills and equipment

Each hero will have their own gear and abilities to make them even stronger. Heroes gain skill points each time they level up. Therefore, increasing the power of the ability is easy since leveling in King's Raid is relatively easy by nature.

However, getting excellent gear for a hero is more difficult and complicated. The simplest options are free summons, completed storylines, and achievements. Among them, we can consider achievements as the best way to earn gear. So try to finish them off as much as possible.

Also, every time you defeat a small door, you will get some ruby. You can use this amount of rubies to buy equipment. But remember to get enough Ruby to buy 10 times at once. Freebies will be added. After all, each hero has special equipment.


last words

King's Raid was released on 02/02/2017 and introduced like a card game with 3D graphics with nice eye-catching drawing. It's not entirely naive, but not overly mature. However, most players still believe that they classify the game as an adventure. So far, the game has only celebrated its first birthday with spectacular events. The event is continuous and the gifts are continuous to attract fans.

As an RPG, King's Raid gives players the right to level up characters by using gear or upgrading items to maximize attack or defense qualities. These are the most important factors when players want to build a strong lineup.

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