Just Dance Now v5.7.1 MOD (Infinite coins) APK

Just Dance Now v5.7.1 MOD (Infinite coins) APK

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Ubisoft Entertainment

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Descriptions :

Just Dance Now is a music and dance project by Ubisoft that opens up a huge world of dance for well-known or already classical artists. In this case, the mobile device takes on the role of a controller, which requires a gadget with a display and an Internet connection. Simple controls ensure that there are no problems on your way to having fun, energy and a great time.


If you already know the famous Just Dance series on platforms of the likes of PS4, you certainly won't be able to ignore Just Dance Now, now available on the Android platform so you can experience it for yourself. You'll be able to find songs that are breathtaking to experience, and every time you dance, you'll work out and burn calories. So you have to establish some elements of the connection between the two devices and then you can choose the song you want to dance to at will.


In Just Dance Now, players need two essential devices: a controller, usually a smartphone because it's light. That second device is a tablet, a PC monitor, or even a TV program with Chromecast. At the same time, connecting is straightforward when you need to follow certain instructions that the game suggests to you. So after just a few minutes you can access a room and select the songs you want.

The game allows you to choose from three types of screens using different methods, but you will mainly choose PC monitors. In particular, let the PC monitor connect to the official website of this game, and Smart TV can also do the same. You will then see a series of QR codes and a sequence of numbers in the corner of the screen. You need to enter the number or scan the QR code into the Android device; the connection is complete.


As mentioned above, most Just Dance Now controllers are usually smartphones because they are compact and anyone can hold them. Also, the search interface is straightforward and you can use all the search features easily. The selection process is successful; You will choose avatars with funny designs. After launching the game screen, you need to hold your smartphone and continue dancing according to the movements on the game screen.

The dance moves will delight players as they get to do whatever they want in their own space. They can dance how they want and with the smartphone in hand, the dance process will not be hindered. At the same time, if you do each movement correctly, you will also improve the scale. From then on, there will always be points that you will always try to break.


When it comes to Just Dance Now, you certainly won't be able to ignore the famous and fun songs in the game. The number of songs this game can support is more than 500 songs now, and you will spend a lot of time to experience all these songs. At the same time, we can mention some famous songs like Kill This Love, Bad Guy, Despacito and many others. Surely this will be a game that will help you relieve stress and burn calories helpfully.

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