Jurassic World Alive v2.20.30 MOD (lots of energy) APK

Jurassic World Alive v2.20.30 MOD (lots of energy) APK

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Ludia Inc.

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Descriptions :

Jurassic World Alive (Unlimited Battery) - very interesting and unusual game about dinosaurs! All the action takes place near you, the game uses Google Maps and GPS to find your location. In order for you to be able to collect dinosaurs in your city, you have to find a dinosaur and run the drone to collect its DNA using the arrow that you have to get inside to catch it.


The most outstanding content in Jurassic World Alive allows players to conquer and create an artificial habitat for new dinosaurs. The mechanism of catching dinosaurs is simple; Players must find them and bash them using the available formations. Also, the hunting system will have many improvements and changes based on the player's progress in catching larger dinosaurs.


AR technology is also what makes the game so popular and gives players the most immersive and realistic dinosaur hunting experience. This system automatically transmits the entire image and appearance of the dinosaurs to the environment through special cameras. Players can also interact directly to strengthen relationships or hunt them down with mechanics that only AR technology can bring.


While raising the dinosaurs, they need to build a variety of habitats for them while building proper facilities to have enough food for them on a regular basis. The variety of habitats represents the number of dinosaurs the player has, also with many improvements and expansions as they reach adulthood. Because of this, habitats are an important factor in making yourself stand out, and players are free to customize them with many unique styles.


The battle mechanic in Jurassic World Alive is turn-based, and the player must use each dinosaur's activity or ability effectively in each battle. The battle of the dinosaurs is normal, but it depends on many basic factors, and the player can use support equipment to lock onto the target. In the future, many new types of dinosaurs will open up many attractive and creative elements for players to fight vigorously.


Besides fighting or nurturing, players can breed and create a new species of dinosaur for personal collection. You must mate compatible dinosaurs and then take care of their eggs to prepare for the birthing process. Hybrid dinosaurs will carry all the traits of their parents, giving players more ideas to build a strong dinosaur squad.


Unique events in Jurassic World Alive always allow players to get more generous rewards and great entertainment. Most events also have players using their best dinosaurs to fight and determine the winner through various dirty games. In addition, the PvP mechanics are unique and different from the normal mode, where players can use more exclusive features to fight and win prizes.

Above all, Jurassic World Alive wants players to have absolute fun as they battle countless dinosaurs, old or new. In addition, the hybrid mechanism allows players to create a hybrid dinosaur with superior abilities compared to their parents. Over time, more new content will gradually open up for players with impressive potential and more about the diverse world of dinosaurs.

Jurassic World Alive MOD features:

Unlimited battery
VIP enabled

Last words about Jurassic World Alive MOD APK

After some time, Jurassic World Alive will officially release the first trial version. As far as I know, the game is scheduled for release in April this year. Register early with the publisher to be one of the first people in the world to get involved in capturing dinosaurs. Don't forget to visit APKCAP every day for the latest news about this game.

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