Idle Inn Empire Hotel Tycoon v2.0.1 MOD (Unlimited money) APK

Descriptions :

Idle Inn Empire Tycoon – Hotel Manager Simulator is a simulation game that many players love for its exciting gameplay. The hotel management simulation game may seem familiar to some players, but the remarkable thing about it is that this game takes you back to the ancient Middle Ages. Here you have the opportunity to experience the lifestyle and daily activities of the people of that time. Let's build your hotel and help it grow more to serve the demanding customers.


Idle Inn Empire Tycoon will bring you exciting experiences as you will be transported back to the medieval times. In this land you will meet people with unique personalities who are extraordinarily warlike, and after every quarrel there are bitter fights without end. However, you are brilliant, talented and have a very high learning spirit; They craft many different types of weapons that can be used in any battle. And they often gather in large numbers to divide factions to quarrel and wage wars.

After every tough fight, they need a place to rest to recover and then continue fighting. And they also need a place with a big arena where they can play games. So you are given the crucial task of developing an inn into a hotel large enough to accommodate your guests. In addition, you need to build several other facilities, e.g. B. expanding more rest areas, entertainment areas and battle areas to serve them. You need to continuously improve your hotel to keep getting better to attract more people to come and rest.


At first you can only own a small, simple antique-style inn and only a few visitors when you enter the game. These guests are like guests of the inn because they come often to eat, rest, and entertain. Although not too much, you still earn a little capital to repair the house to make it more beautiful and spacious. However, it's not as easy as you think, because these guests will constantly harass your inn. They argue with each other and start fighting. Your task is to manage the finances wisely in order to constantly improve and expand the hostel, because later more and more customers will come.

Customers are king, so you must always serve them wholeheartedly to get the best reviews for your property. You can decorate a few more items in the main rooms of the inn by purchasing them from the shop. It would help if you always buy furniture that is comfortable and meets customers' needs. In addition, you can treat them to a hearty meal of delicious dishes. Do whatever it takes to make your inn grow and you'll get rich.


It can be said that each simulation game has a very similar style with very typical 3D images. And this game is no exception when the images in the game are beautifully designed, depicting the style of the Middle Ages quite honestly and creating a very close feeling for the player. Not only that, the images of the characters in the game are detailed and designed to be very funny.

The colors in the game are mainly bright eye-catching colors, so players will feel very excited and relaxed. The sound effects are equally exciting as the activities and battles are realistically described to make players feel lost in the game's world. It must be said that the cartoon style design always attracts many players when they come to this game.

With eye-catching graphics and exciting gameplay, there's no reason for you not to try Idle Inn Empire Tycoon right away. It's both entertaining and helps you learn how to become the best manager of a large inn. Many more interesting things are waiting for you to discover and if you are ready to become a wealth manager.

Features :

* Run a medieval hotel, build new rooms, buy furniture and upgrade them to offer maximum comfort to your visitors.
* 8 inns in different environments;
* Operation of a kitchen and bar to provide visitors with basic needs;
* Discover new services * fight in the coliseum, relax in the bath house or explore new and trendy things like fishing, arcade and diving;
* Collect pets roaming around your managed inns;
* Build famous landmarks to really make your inn stand out!

Idle Inn Empire MOD features:

unlimited money
Unlocked Managers


You can use money even if you don't have enough.

Last words about Idle Inn Empire

With idle gameplay, Idle Inn Empire will give you extremely interesting experience. The game does not require internet, you can play the game anywhere and anytime even while you sleep. You wake up refreshed with the money your employees are making.

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How to Download and Install Idle Inn Empire Hotel Tycoon?

First, click the download button, the APK file will be downloaded automatically.
Locate the downloaded APK file in your phone's Downloads folder and open it to install.
Go to your mobile settings, click Security, then Unknown Resources.

Now open the app and enjoy.