Ice Scream 1 Horror Neighborhood v1.2.3 MOD (Unlocked + Menu) APK

Ice Scream 1 Horror Neighborhood v1.2.3 MOD (Unlocked + Menu) APK

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Keplerians Horror Games

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The Ice Scream 1 version of the missing neighbor offers players a more extraordinary space, including chasing ice cream trucks on the street and many exciting activities. However, as a witness, find out where the terrible source of the freezing magic is. Are you brave enough to follow this eccentric guy? Keep close to the road ahead, but don't give away any clues. Some suggestions are sent by the ad library.

Ice Scream: Horror Neighborhood has an actual storyboard. Her friend Charlie was kidnapped by a broken masked ice cream vendor named Rod. Rod was bullied by his own classmates growing up, and now he's taking his childish anger out on kids on the playground by freezing them with a strange superpower.

On a beautiful, sunny day, a strange-looking ice cream man drives his suspicious-looking van into the neighborhood on the hunt for chubby kids. He lures fat, inattentive kids to buy his ice cream and turns it into popsicles. You've witnessed it all and decide to sneak into his van to save Charlie, collecting clues and weapons along the way.

A bike follows you on the adventurous trail of Ice Scream 1. Players can diversify the way they move to get the best view. The people you meet along the way will give you lots of helpful tips for your move. Many players will need the help of hints, and you can buy more by participating in ads. In addition, a large map makes your journey many obstacles. Travel the city and witness more, hundreds of pieces of evidence to arrest the eccentric ice cream guy. Maybe he saw you; at best, it can't happen. Players should plan for this journey and be extra careful not to be spotted!

In Ice Scream 1, an evil force disguised as an ice cream vendor with a spooky mask has committed its crimes in the name of an ordinary ice cream truck. They will not only rob your friend, but also imprison many other kids and do more scary actions. It was no ordinary ice cream truck. It looks like their plan to freeze the city has begun; You must act!

On the way to hunt down the suspicious ice cream seller who has frozen his friend, the player has to face many risks. One of them are the unfinished puzzles. You will encounter obstacles, they are arranged in order from easy to difficult, many important decisions will be made during this time. Also, some theories make you waver between two paths, will it make you follow the suspicious guy and save the kids?

The spooky elements make Ice Scream 1's space more tense than ever. However, the corresponding difficulty also causes players to encounter similar difficulties. There are many things to look out for and get some additional helpful hints along the way. A total of 3 popular modes have brought you the best experience. First, join the ghost mode to feel the true spirit of the game. This level is reduced for normal mode, and there are more hints when encountering obstacles. The advanced mode lets you fight with the mysterious ice cream truck's fast escape.

Ice Scream 1 gives you the freedom to play and learn with specific items. Players go through many rounds by choosing the theme they want. Lots of new content will be added to help you get a closer look at the game. As the level increases, so does the difficulty of the question. Do you find it difficult to hunt down the mysterious ice cream vendor? We have a variety of tools to bring you up to speed. Combine many elements to achieve excellent performance in the game!


* Helpful instructions so players never get confused
At the start, players can choose to receive a tutorial that will take them to the instructions screen. So if you ever feel a bit lost, you can always go back and find things out. During gameplay, players will notice a tiny dot in the middle of the screen. You must place it on the subject to get the hand button. This point will help them collect the items that they can find on the maps by tapping on the item they want.

* Simple puzzles, but never boring
Rod is really scary but can be fun. He makes up a song about his desire to capture and kill chubby children, and babbles happily to himself. There are different scenarios for you to travel and solve this evil villain's mysterious plan to save the frozen child. Each area has its puzzle, your mission is to hide in his van, go through some drawers and look for more clues or tools. Sometimes players find themselves in the situation: "What am I even looking for in this room?" but the puzzles are not too difficult to solve.

* Four different game modes
Players can experience Ice Scream: Horror Neighborhood to the fullest in four options: Ghost, Normal, Hard, and Extreme modes. The game will give you chills when you lose the game or get caught by the evil Rod.

* Unlock all puzzles and props in the game's main menu
No more paying for more interesting content or annoying ads because Ice Scream: Horror Neighborhood has everything unlocked for you. Open the game and just click "Hint" to get them all.


For starters, the controls are a struggle at times as you can't interact with objects normally.

The game doesn't work properly for a moment like Rod can't find you even if he sees you hiding from him.

There are some slight glitches such as gas can sometimes fly, office key is not displayed on the playground, etc.

A big part of the game is exploring the world and rescuing your dear friend Charli while doing your best to avoid being seen by Rod the ice cream man. Ice Scream: Horror Neighborhood MOD APK is scary, but it can also be funny and entertaining. The game is suitable for all ages, so you can sit back and enjoy with your younger siblings and watch them get scared of the evil ice cream man.

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