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Descriptions : is another project in the popular mechanics, but with original "fighters". Players will become a hurricane, or rather they will try to become one and get a flattering name from the people. At first they're a tiny speck on the meteorologists' map, but with patience and a bit of luck, players can already challenge serious elements moving across the planet's surface. Turn into a colossal natural disaster and destroy a few big cities to the delight of your "colleagues".

Ready to Eat Hurricanes? However, in this massively multiplayer online .io weather strategy game, you are the hurricane. Grow your hurricane and let your hurricane absorb!

Level up your hurricane by navigating warm waters. Use hurricane skills and signature abilities. Causes destruction and death worldwide. How big will you grow your hurricane? How strong will your hurricane get? How much destruction will your hurricane cause? How long will you survive in this top .io game?

It's just an inconspicuous cloud, isn't it? Even tiny clouds can turn into a deadly hurricane under the right weather conditions. At the beginning of the game, your cloud is small, but gradually it becomes a super hurricane. Compete against global competitors in this top .io massively multiplayer online strategy game.

Beware of other hurricanes, they will want to swallow you. Harvest energy from the elements: air (clouds and heat) and water (from the ocean). Absorbing, destroying and killing other hurricanes will make you grow faster.

The ideal living environment for hurricanes is the sea. Your hurricane is losing energy on land. But if you are strong enough, nothing can stop you!

It's a live multiplayer weather simulation game. If you can't connect to the internet, the game will switch to offline survival mode.


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