Hungry Shark Evolution v10.8.0 MOD (Unlimited Coins/Gems) APK

Hungry Shark Evolution v10.8.0 MOD (Unlimited Coins/Gems) APK

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Developer :
Ubisoft Entertainment

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Descriptions :

Hungry Shark Evolution MOD: Manage the eternally hungry shark and tire their hunger in many different ways. Eat fish and attack people, collect coins and complete daily tasks that will give you the opportunity to discover more new species of sharks, travel to a large and open ocean, search for food and enjoy high quality and beautiful graphics Hungry Shark Evolution mod apk The deeper you swim, the more yield you get, but be careful because the sea is full of other predators that won't turn into anyone's dinner!

playing style

Hungry Shark Evolution follows the hunt to death gameplay similar to two other Ubisoft products, Hungry Dragon and Hungry Shark World. In the game you take the initiative, hunt and eat any meat. The game screen does not end until your health points are reduced to 0.

The rules in Hungry Shark Evolution are relatively similar to those of Feeding Frenzy, the game is probably related to many people's childhood. Basically you just have to use the virtual button to control the shark to look for prey. If you touch another finger on the screen, you will rush faster and increase your ability to eat the fish. When you collect a certain amount of food, you activate Gold Rush. During the Gold Rush, players aren't limited to speeding up, becoming immortal for a few seconds, and turning everything into coins (meaning you can eat everything, even those bigger than you).

As a child shark, you should only “hide” the seabed to bully animals like fish or crabs to avoid being eaten by larger sharks. By eating small fish you can extend your life, increase your score and increase your size. 10 is the maximum level. If you're eating big enough to rise to high levels, it's time to get close to the water to confirm who's king of the ocean. "Can be defeated" is currently the best phrase to use to talk about you.

Many species of fish

In a diverse animal world, each animal is classified into different types based on appearance, size, or stalking. Sharks are no exception. Hungry Shark Evolution is really a lot of sharks. These types are based both on real elements and on the combination with human imagination.

When you join the game for the first time, you will learn about the basic sharks. The first shark you train is a modestly sized reef shark, which in turn grows larger and larger as a mako shark, hammerhead shark, tiger shark, and great white shark. The bigger the shark, the better the smaller species, not only that but they award more money and points. Also, with each shark unlocked, players can use gold to upgrade their abilities like bite, speed, and acceleration.

If you get 500,000 points in Hungry Shark Evolution you can unlock new seas with lots of really scary sharks. The extinct legendary megalodon has long had a chance to return to rule the seas again. There are other types of fish and interesting special abilities like Electro Shark, which discharges electricity to stun prey, Iced Shark freezes an entire area of ​​sea, or Robot Shark can launch torpedoes from its mouth.

Many enemies of sharks

If you understand yourself and your opponent, you can win every fight. That statement is becoming more and more true for a king like you. However, when you reach the max level, you should still pay attention to a few things that should not be touched.

During the game you have to notice the blue bar in the right corner of the screen which is your HP bar. Your HP bar will decrease over time, and eating other fish will fill it up. However, there are some things that will make the shark bleed directly when touched. Be careful with the torpedoes floating in the sea, the sting of jellyfish or stingrays can also cause bleeding.

Hungry Shark Evolution has a giant boss crab at the bottom of the map, go down there and explore!
Message from clamshells

While feeding, try to collect as many shells that are on the cliffs. Inside are the side quests that the game sends to you. Completing the task will give you more features in the game and get a lot more coins.


Hungry Shark Evolution features an extremely sharp 3D graphics platform, detailed images are meticulously created, allowing players to explore an exciting life under the sea.

Features :

Simple and intuitive controls

Through a simple and intuitive control system, Hungry Shark Evolution introduces players to a convenient gaming experience where players can easily control their sharks. Use the touch and tilt functions and allow your hungry sharks to gather their food and stay away from danger effectively. That being said, new players would initially find the game extremely easy.
Unlock and collect dozens of cool sharks

Additionally, as you engage in the addictive gameplay, there are dozens of different species of sharks available for you to collect. Complete the levels and missions to unlock epic sharks for your collection. And sometimes you can even get weird beasts that don't look like sharks at all.
Discover a whole new world hidden in the ocean

The game features a large underwater world. Here players have the opportunity to explore the exciting world of Hungry Shark Evolution. Touch the bottom of the ocean and discover a whole new aspect of the world. Travel to many different places to enjoy enjoyable food.Encounter strange creatures and eat them

In addition, there are hundreds of different mysterious creatures that you can encounter as you travel the great ocean. Be careful as some of them can be extremely powerful and it is dangerous for your sharks to get too close to them. On the other hand, if you're lucky, you might hit a delicious meal for your sharks.
Raise and train your own shark babies

And to make your sharks even more powerful, you can raise and train them while they're still young. This way, they develop better affection for you, which allows them to become more aggressive and powerful in fights.Collect and equip your sharks with awesome gear

You can also improve your sharks' powers by giving them awesome gear and accessories. Equip your sharks with epic weapons like laser beams or rockets and fire them at the enemies. Protect your sharks from enemy attacks with Amour. You could even give your sharks a jetpack to help them fly to the surface and rampage around the cities.
Travel the sea and collect sunken bonus objects

The deep sea floors still have many hidden secrets waiting for you to discover them. However, you can collect dozens of different bonus objects that have sunk to the bottom of the ocean. Get them and unlock useful items to help you in your adventures.Help your sharks evolve and unlock new powers

As you progress in Hungry Shark Evolution, your sharks will have to contend with increasingly tough opponents as well as tougher environments where the prey isn't as soft. Because of this, it's important that you gather enough resources to help your sharks evolve and unlock many of their hidden powers. Explore the development opportunities and dominate the seabed.
Explore the gameplay through multiple missions

Speaking of which, Hungry Shark Evolution features several different missions for players to enjoy while in the game. Face varied challenges and earn epic rewards. Or complete the exciting missions with different levels of difficulty. And enjoy your time in Hungry Shark Evolution.Activate power boosts during your killing sprees

And to help your sharks stand their ground during battles and earn more points. That being said, it's important to pick the right moments on your hunting missions to activate your Gold Rush boost. Stay in the game longer and hopefully gather enough food to quench the hunger.
Take part in exciting events and earn valuable prizes

The game introduces players to exciting events where they have a chance to collect valuable prizes. Participate in many daily in-game events to collect more powerful sharks. In addition, you receive your daily rewards simply by being active in the game.
Play the game with or without the internet

For those who love playing mobile games during their daily work or in their free time, Hungry Shark Evolution offers fast and simple gameplay that you can enjoy whenever you want. You can also play the game completely offline. And when your internet comes back, your saves will be automatically uploaded to your Google account. So next time you play the game on any Android device

Hungry Shark Evolution MOD Feature

Unlimited Money: There are 2 types of money in the game. It is Gold and Gemstones. Each currency has its own effect, and owning a large amount of money from the beginning will help you easily upgrade many cool things in this game.

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