Hitmasters v1.16.6 MOD (banknotes) APK

Hitmasters v1.16.6 MOD (banknotes) APK

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Developer :
Playgendary Limited

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Descriptions :

Hitmasters (Unlimited Money) - a physical puzzle with a spy plan in which you have the opportunity to test your strength as a secret agent. As usual, you'll have to start with simple tasks and missions, the main objective of which is to destroy enemies, while the success of passing it depends on each step, so you'll have to scratch your head. As you progress in Hitmasters mod apk, the difficulty will increase and the locations will become more complicated, but an impressive arsenal of weapons will greatly expand your skills.


From the very first ideas planned for this game, all desires are followed in order to provide players with the highest possible entertainment experience. Therefore, the main game of this game will provide extremely high entertainment to its players. At the beginning of the game, players are guided through the operating mechanism and the main player operation in this game is to touch and gently swipe the screen.

A level is brought to the player with the same mechanics including walls, obstacles and villains. The player's task is determined that he must overcome the walls and obstacles and use his weapons to destroy the villains. Directly from the player's starting point when touching the screen is the starting point, then swiping is the path of the ball the player wants.


In order to offer your players the best entertainment experience, boredom is one of the impossible things. That's why the game developers have prepared for their players a system with a lot of extraordinary levels in the game. Players will experience different interesting levels one by one as they pass the previous screen and of course the difficulty will gradually increase.

Also, the game mode is something that players will love when they come to this game. The manufacturers have prepared four different game modes for their players, including Shotgun, Gravity, Ricochet and Toxic. With each game mode, the gameplay will also have exciting differences that players can feel to the fullest when they start fresh. But in general the operating mechanism of the modes is still the same; A certain amount of ammunition is available on a game screen. Players must find ways to destroy the enemy.


In addition, the graphics will also be one of the essential features that a fun game must invest in, since the graphics are where all the content that the game wants to best convey to its players will be. That's why Hitmasters also comes with a relatively fun, humorous and extremely entertaining graphic design.

If you think that the images that this game brings are similar to the previous names of this manufacturer, you are wrong. Still with simple drawings, but the characters in this game have been significantly upgraded in terms of looks as well as obvious emotional expressions. But alongside the improvements, the game will still feature simple line art that players with under-performing devices can experience.

Have you ever thought that you can relax with simple operations on your phone screen? Then Hitmasters will be able to do this easily through many exceptional features. From the entertaining gameplay to the multi-screen system, the game mode combined with the graphic style will be the way the game gives you a great experience.

Features :

Intuitive touch controls and in-game mechanics

To start with, Android gamers in will find themselves being able to quickly pick up their exciting in-game experiences thanks to the intuitive touch controls and in-game mechanics. Feel free to effectively guide your guns to the certain direction with the simple one-touch commands and aim your guns properly with assisted aims.

And at the same time, also have fun with the simple yet interesting in-game mechanics with many unique features. Enjoy and explore your in-game experiences with the bouncy bullets, assisted aim, interactive environments, and many interesting elements. The simple and addictive in-game mechanics will certainly impress you.

Hundreds of exciting levels with brilliant puzzles

In the game, Android gamers will have their chances to dive into the exciting spy gameplay as you take on your role of the ultimate agent. Start your adventures whenever you want and feel free to enjoy your awesome puzzle levels with many interesting experiences.

Feel free to take on a series of exciting in-game levels with unique and interesting puzzles to solve. Discover many different ways to eliminate your targets, using the provided in-game elements and objects. Make uses of your surroundings to come up with amazing ways to assassinate your targets without wasting too much of your limited resources.

Complete the different levels the best ways possible and earn yourself the ultimate prizes after each challenges. Feel free to take on different approaches to the certain levels and minimize the number of bullets being used. With reasonably escalated difficulties, you’ll never find the game getting too difficult, or too easy at the same time. Always enjoy yourself to the fullest in the awesome gameplay of Hitmasters.

Make uses of multiple weapons with varied uses

For those of you who’re interested, you can now have fun with the multiple in-game weapons, each boasting its own unique mechanics and uses. Feel free to explore the arsenal and pick up your new weapons or upgrade old ones whenever you make your stops at the in-game store. Try out all different weapons and understand their exact uses as you come up with multiple ways to exploit their features in different levels and in-game puzzles

Enjoy unique power-ups and boosters

And to make things even more interesting, the game also offers unique power-ups and boosters for you to make uses of. Here, it’s totally possible for gamers to enjoy many interesting boosts during their difficult levels in order to bypass the challenges or to earn bonus rewards. Nonetheless, you’re free to make uses of the in-game bonuses whenever you want.

Have fun with different in-game characters

And for those of you who’re interested, Hitmasters does offer the simple and interesting in-game characters, each with their own unique looks and feels. Hence, you’re free to customize your in-game experiences to however you wanted and have fun with the unique gameplay whenever you’re ready. Just pick up enough coins during your gameplay and unlock your new characters as you proceed to enjoy the game with many of your new characters.

Enjoy the game with or without the internet

To allow for the absolutely comfortable and enjoyable gameplay on your mobile devices, Android gamers in Hitmasters are also allowed to have fun with their casual gaming experiences with or without the Internet. And for that reason, it’s totally possible for you to have fun with the game whenver you’re outside and don’t want to spend your mobile data. Plus, with the Internet back again, you can also unload your in-game progresses to the online drive and never lose them again.

Free to play

And despite all the amazing in-game features, Android gamers can still have their favorite puzzle-solving gameplay of Hitmasters available for absolutely free. As a result, it’s totally possible for you to enjoy the game on any of your mobile devices, just by downloading the game from the Google Play Store for absolutely free.

Hitmasters MOD feature

Unlimited Money: About the MOD version of Hitmasters, we offer you unlimited money feature. You have a lot of money when starting the game, and it doesn’t drop when you use it. You can freely buy unique guns and costumes for the protagonist.

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