Harvest Town v2.6.7 MOD (Unlimited Coins/Max Level) APK + DATA

Descriptions :

Harvest Town offers players a pixel-style simulation experience. You will get the most authentic tour of what is happening in the fairytale town. This place is inherently gloomy and boring, outdated even before you arrive. Whether this place can develop into a fun, thriving city like you envision all depends on the specific decisions and actions of the players.


With us you return to the classic landscape like in animated films with the colors of the fairy tale. There is nothing more amazing when you can integrate and change everything here to give Harvest Town a completely different face. Now when you set foot in this world, you will be greeted by Christmas events with landscapes and everything decorated in warm tones, just by looking at the city you can already know that Christmas is coming.


That's not all, players have the right to build many different types of farms. We give you ownership of a huge farm. Your task is to clear the weeds growing around the garden or even plant beautiful colorful grass around the entrance to the farm. In addition, you can cut down the tree to make it look neater and avoid being destroyed by strong winds.


Not only that, Harvest Town favors and prepares you a beautiful home. While it's not a massive, luxurious billionaire mansion, it's a hot and safe wooden home. You can collect decorative items for the house to start the process of beautifying the house, which is richer and more accurate than ever in the owner's colors. It can be a vase of flowers, ornamental plants or impressive wooden tables and chairs.


In addition, this fairy world also offers you many different experiences that are extremely interesting. Various animals will appear in front of you; The pets bring you extra income every day. In particular, a flock of ducks, chickens or other farm animals such as pigs was also selected. Also, sheep and horses are the most common objects on this caring journey.

Harvest Town knows you are an animal lover and has made this special gift for you. Extremely approachable and adorable cats or dogs will be added to the collection and will appear in your cozy wooden house. The trump cards help players search for treasure and solve challenging puzzles to earn attractive rewards and not just befriend players. Now you can unlock treasures and uncover mysteries.


The unique thing that Harvest Town will offer players is the attractive storyline and interaction with many other players. It could be a neighbor, a business partner to have an impressive exchange of goods with you. Also, you can enjoy the beautiful scenery at different times, from summer to winter.

Features :

* Clear the weeds, trim the branches and design your own huts.
* Raise your own chickens, ducks, cattle, sheep, horses and anything else you want to include in this category. Adorable cats and dogs and the chance to live real life on a farm are also options.
* A wide range of new game mechanics, including a mysterious underground exploration, using a password to open a treasure chest, and a bunch of Easter eggs that the player has not yet discovered.
* Any non-player character with remarkable behavior will provide you with an encounter that is memorable, wonderful, and dramatic. Find an NPC you find appealing and drag them with you as you make your way to the wedding hall.
* Join other players in online multiplayer activities like races or market trading and build an interactive platform especially for online players.
* A pleasant spring, a scorching summer, a longing autumn and a severe winter. Enjoy the transitions that each season brings while decorating your quaint little village.
* Wood and fruit are just two of the unexpected sights to be seen across the city. Build your own village with do-it-yourself projects.

Harvest Town MOD Features:

* Unlimited Money.
* Unlimited gems.
* Unlimited Diamonds.
* Unlocked Characters.

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Path cache: SD / Android / obb

How to Download and Install Harvest Town?

First, click the download button, the APK file will be downloaded automatically.
Locate the downloaded APK file in your phone's Downloads folder and open it to install.
Go to your mobile settings, click Security, then Unknown Resources.

How to install DATA/OBB?

Click on the .ZIP (OBB) archive of the game, then you will get a list where you have to select "Extract...".
Navigate to the very beginning of the path, and click the "Android" folder, then click on obb folder.
Click on the Unpack icon at the bottom right.
After that the program will start unpacking the archive, which may take from several seconds to several minutes, you will see the progress of unpacking. When it is finished you will see a notification at the bottom:

Now open the app and enjoy.