Gunspell 2 Puzzle RPG v1.2.7467 MOD (Skull killed enemy & More) APK

Descriptions :

Gunspell 2 – Match Puzzle RPG is a high-quality combination of role-playing game and match-3 puzzle. The player will embark on a long journey through the story campaign, during which he will fight many monsters and visit parallel worlds. The combat system here consists in building chains of identical elements, with the help of which the hero can damage the opponent and block counterattacks. Winning battles will earn you chests full of gold, new characters, and other content. There is also a multiplayer mode where you can challenge real opponents.


In the new version of Gunspell 2, players are greeted with a tournament with many challenges and enemies to face and impressive rewards. At the same time, players must increase their strength before they can participate in the upcoming challenges. The new character that will catch your attention is the secret agent, and the Black Cat character has been slightly modified in terms of strength. So you will search for new sources of energy and the upcoming battles will begin.


Players will encounter familiar match-three gameplay throughout Gunspell 2's levels, and the objective of each level is absolutely stunning, which is to defeat the enemy. The fights and attacks each player has will defeat you when your health drops to zero. Therefore, the game features tactical gameplay that players won't ignore as they take advantage of what they have to subdue the enemy.


Each character in Gunspell 2 has a unique set of weapons, spells and other elements. They also have a secondary health and shield stat that helps them absorb damage before it is subtracted from the character's health index. So each element you can combine has a different effect, e.g. B. a blue gem that charges some mana to use magic weapons, or skull-shaped elements that deal great damage to the enemy.

You can easily see the effects appear on your gear to use at any time. You can tap the weapon to deal direct damage or cast spells with different effects. Also, some spells can damage the match-three field from there, destroying multiple gems at once and taking various effects from them. So this will be the game you can't take your eyes off of.

The tactical nature of the game also shows when you do match-three, and sometimes you can make combos or combine more than three elements for additional effects. Also, the player's turn is timed, so if you don't take your turn, your turn is over.


In Gunspell 2 you will find various boxes and when you open them, surprise rewards will appear, including the characters you own. Each character has different attack characteristics, equipment that you must collect enough to unlock their potential. At the same time, these characters are also divided into many different rarities. Therefore, having legendary characters is always a desire of the players, as this will greatly support PVP and adventure battles.

Features :

* An RPG battle that follows tight match-three gameplay where each player will take their time to learn new mechanics.
* The gems in each level bring different effects, from attacking to supporting the character after being matched.
* You can use the equipment or magic to deal a lot of damage to the enemy and win the level.
* Each round is a challenge because there is a time limit that you have to meet and you want to match a lot of gems.
* In the new version, many characters with different characteristics, powers and equipment are waiting for you to unlock them.
* Explore different worlds in story adventures and enjoy multiple quests.
* Collect unique heroes, powerful items, dark magic and weapons.
* Fight the first online match 3 battles in real time. Climb the ranks by winning in multiplayer.
* Uncover mysterious events and solve riddles of ancient magicians.
* Play puzzles with demons and dragons to complete your quests.
* Challenge - Your ability to find and use powerful combinations of Gems and Jewels.
* It's a unique RPG puzzle game where you play turn-based match 3 duels on the beautiful hexagonal board filled with skulls, gems and jewels.
* Jewels store powerful magic and skulls can be used to deal damage directly.
* Charge up your items by matching jewels of the same color and using magic to your advantage.
* Each jewel contains one mana and there are several powerful combos that can create additional effects, such as cross, angle or 4 in a row.

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How to Download and Install Gunspell 2 Puzzle RPG?

First, click the download button, the APK file will be downloaded automatically.
Locate the downloaded APK file in your phone's Downloads folder and open it to install.
Go to your mobile settings, click Security, then Unknown Resources.

Now open the app and enjoy.