Gun Idle v1.20 MOD (Gold coins) APK

Gun Idle v1.20 MOD (Gold coins) APK

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Descriptions :

Gun Idle (Unlimited Money) - intriguing action arcade game mechanics, combining the elements of a clicker, an economic simulator and a shooter. And so, according to the authors, a small arms factory is at your disposal, and by conducting tests and shooting at suitcases, you will earn money that will allow you not only to unlock new types of weapons, but also to significantly expand your business.


The Weapon Collection will be the source of the weapons used in Gun Idle. The first challenge will start you off with a single weapon. However, you can immediately advance to the next round once you reach the specified point milestone. The perk of passing each round has an additional position to place and aim the weapon. But they are not available; You must consult the price and buy in store. With more than 40 different types, you have more options as you collect coins that exceed your expectations. The whole operation with the gun is just to fire the gun at the cannonball and try to unlock as many new locations as possible.


Achievements recorded in Gun Idle are defined as a fixed milestone for which you receive a coin reward. They are collected until you use them in the shop. We will only unlock weapons that you are already qualified to own. Therefore, players participate more actively and collect more coins. Any other achievement on the leaderboard will also give you additional rewards. Earning level is affected by your level. Raise your level with a smart strategy and improve your own performances.


All challenges set in the game are performed to earn points. Each player must complete the appropriate number of balls to get the absolute score. When the score reaches a predetermined level, the player gets the corresponding amount. Every day you have a new goal to achieve. The system is constantly changing the challenges to make the fun you experience more interesting. We've also set goals as your achievements on the leaderboards. It's not easy if you want to overcome them and get more rewards.


Power Up Cards are one of the special offers for Gun Idle players. The player becomes idle when the Used Weapons List goes live. However, their productivity isn't what you'd expect, slowing down their score. To improve this situation, you can use the dual function of buff cards. The score will be significantly improved, and the process of conquering new bonus milestones will also be faster. In addition, the occasion of events is also the time when you can find happiness by searching for the card you want.


Gun Idle improves player interaction to expand more areas for the modern shooting arena. This playground is yours and you decide. The choices made by the player directly affect the activities in the game. In order to achieve perfect scores and special achievements, players need the support of a diverse collection of weapons. The pistol models supplied are packed with power and form factors. The task of defeating cannonballs and earning points will be completed faster when there is a perfect combination of powerful weapons.

Features :

* Freestyle shooting game with unique scoring. Players arrange the positions for the weapons they own to shoot the cannons. The more shots, the more points.
* Complete any mission in the game that involves shooting, choosing and fixing weapons, or removing weak weapons from the line.
* Collect many unique weapon models from the weapon shop and arrange them in the empty slots on the list. Players must choose the weapon type that corresponds to the number of coins.
* Tactics are required to pass the levels provided by the system. Any goals you set will be compared to the number of achievements you've made so far.
* Apply a power-up card to increase your damage and double your score. However, these cards are only valid for a certain period of time.

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