Grow Soldier Merge Soldiers v4.2.8 MOD (One Hit Kill) APK

Grow Soldier Merge Soldiers v4.2.8 MOD (One Hit Kill) APK

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Developer :
PixelStar Games

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Descriptions :

Grow Soldier - idle merge game - pixel clicker in which the player has to grow elite soldiers. To do this before it appears, and RPG elements. In order to get an army of super soldiers, the player must combine ordinary soldiers. In addition, the user can collect tanks, missiles and other military equipment. All this will help you to find capable troops that will successfully resist the alien invaders, robots and other dangerous enemies.


The role of the players in Grow Soldier is exciting because together with their forces they will try to fight the enemies that are gradually approaching. The number of enemies will increase over time and will require you to improve the strength of your forces. There is an exciting gameplay that players can easily access but cannot miss a moment as the enemy is always constantly appearing. You can watch the fight and the powers you have. The Grow Soldier game screen will be divided into two parts that serve two different purposes in the game. In the top half you'll find a tank, a super soldier, and soldiers of various types fighting with increasingly larger and more powerful enemies. At the same time, there are troops that you manage, and their number increases with the frequency with which you open the crate. In other words, the number of minions is generated over time for you to develop.


In Grow Soldier your task is simple: don't let your army be completely defeated and destroy many different enemies over time. An exciting point that requires the player's tactical skill is to automatically see how your army fights with the enemy. So this means that if your minion's stats are weak, they will lose. From then on, creating new troops was a necessity and made easy. This work is done in the lower half of the screen to see many soldiers with the same shape. This ensures that you have enough numbers to match and create a higher quality unit than the two units you combined. From there, the number of these minions will appear continuously as you open them from the box and give the box time to spawn. The number of minions you create will immediately join the fight when it is the next enemy's turn.


Once you know how to play Grow Soldier there won't be many factors making it difficult for you and you will have to capture the moments when the minions seem to fit together. Combining and creating new minions will increase the strength of the army, and each newly created type will have impressive traits like a shield minion. But you will also find that the amount of material you will receive will be sent out of the box and you don't need to worry too much as it may affect production efficiency. Military power consists of two components, namely soldiers and super soldiers. For normal minions, the more minions you create at once, the more stages you will complete. The game allows you to improve some performance-related statistics, e.g. B. increasing the number of soldiers that spawn from the box, or the faster production time of the box. Also, for Superlot, you can upgrade their power and, over time, unlock more characters of this type to join the fight.

Features :

* Develop a story about the world of robots and activities related to the mission to protect and keep the peace.
* Players are given requirements for the force involved, how it works, and the minimum amount of weapons used in battle.
* You will be the one who will decide the organization's survival, taking on many new quests and carrying out the planned attack.
* Arrange more tanks, equip your soldiers with different weapons and form many skilled battle formations.
* Players complete the preparations and start the battle, claiming their victory and proving the strength of their teammates.
* Synthesize your trainees to create more powerful soldiers
* Produce a super soldier by synthesizing 9 levels of training!
* Upgrade to a more powerful soldier system
* Collect different tanks and grenades.
* Explore different areas and rescue soldiers!
* Hunt crazy robots and aliens and win items!
* Demonstrate strength through planetary conquest!

Grow Soldier Merge Soldiers MOD Features:

One Hit kill

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