Grow Archer Chaser Idle RPG v1199 MOD (Unlimited Gold/Diamonds/Skill Points/Tickets/Souls) APK

Descriptions :

Grow Archer Chaser is an idle game in which the player observes the elf character's mission to destroy monsters and collect various resources. These resources have different uses and are used to improve the character's skills, weapons, and stats. Also, the full summoning banners will help you get new equipment and you may be lucky to find higher quality arrows.


Players accompany an elf warrior fighting the monsters in Grow Archer Chaser, and her main weapon is the archer. The character will attack monsters to collect diamond shards and find ways to collect energy resources that affect the character's strength. At the same time, you spend time developing your character's strength and appropriately using the resources you earn.

The gameplay of this game is fully accessible when everything is operated automatically. In particular, the player does not have to control the character with various control buttons, but observes the process of the character destroying the enemy. The only work you have to do is to adjust the character's strength by upgrading various elements from weapons to skills. So it will consume a large number of player resources.


The character continuously attacks from one monster to another in Grow Archer Chaser, so all you have to do is look at your resources and use them appropriately. Specifically, players can improve stats related to Attack, Critical Damage, and Critical Chance. In addition, the character's skills are also fully upgradable, and players can find more runes and stats that go together perfectly. In addition, players can also go into dungeons to gather resources.

One of the notable points in this game is the gacha system, where players can use purple diamonds to summon a series of arrows. These arrows all have different attack power and rarity indicated by color. At the same time, you can undoubtedly continue to improve the dart you use to optimize its effectiveness. Besides arrow, there are other gacha banners for you to explore.

Features :

* The player will see her move and automatically attack the monster she is facing, and the appropriate resources will be dropped and collected afterwards.
* Players will try to strengthen this character to help her defeat powerful monsters and have many factors to take care of.
* A character's stats affect some of the damage a character can deal, and you'll definitely be focusing on a few key stats.
* Skills require the player to use energies to level up, and there are various dungeons you can go into and gather resources.
* The system of gachas banners allows to unlock different arrows and little by little you may be interested in other gachas banners.
* Get 5,000 garnets just by completing the tutorial! Get 550 powerful arrows!!
* Idle Chaser slay monsters, advance weapon and become stronger!
* Clear various dungeons for growth and grow your specs!
* Continue 99 chapters, Daily Quest
* 3 free mini games every day (Fun random draws)
* Super simple game method
* Action rpg idle clicker with offline rewards!
* Focus on enchanting and level up! You are nonstop grow archer slayer

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