Food Fighter Clicker v1.6.0 MOD (Mod menu/unlimitted money) APK

Descriptions :

Food Fighter Clicker is a relaxing game as it uses mukbang to build the main content throughout the game and give players the biggest cravings. Mukbangs are content with people making videos of the process of eating lots of food at once and then making lots of comments about how delicious it is. However, in this game, players need to eat as much as possible, which allows them to improve their skills and earn income from eating a large amount of food.


The main character in Food Fighter Clicker or the player has to eat continuously to become the mukbang idol that everyone loves. The starting process is complicated as players can only consume a small amount of food, resulting in lower revenue generation. Over time, they can eat a lot of things at once, even organize a lot of interesting competitions for themselves and indulge in endless gluttony.


What players need to do to earn income is tap the screen continuously to make the character eat faster and more than the average speed. The main character can eat automatically, at a low speed and without much benefit to the player, but can automatically change dishes or apply many upgrade systems to himself. Based on the base advance rate, the player can use the time to complete other systems or content in the game.


The exciting thing about Food Fighter Clicker is that players can use the upgrade system to make the character eat faster or more over time. However, players will need to invest in improving features like chewing power, chewing speed, mouth size, and stomach capacity in order to eat a hearty meal. With time, the value of the dishes will also gradually increase, giving the player more challenges to eat in the allotted time.


At the beginning of the mukbang career, the players' room was shabby and dilapidated, so they had to upgrade everything for a more pleasant dining experience. Although the room decoration system is simple, its price is high and comes with many customizations or attractive options for players to get more creative. Some designs for the room can even boost the character's food productivity significantly.


Food Fighter Clicker will have a wide variety of players to freely build minigames including specialties of many countries or traditional costumes. Mukbang categories can also be freely customized or decided by the player, which attracts more views and revenue. In addition, the character's effects and interactions with food are also diverse, showing the traditional characteristics of each custom.


Mukbang is an activity that challenges the ability to eat, so the game offers many challenges and activities for players to enjoy. The mukbang content is purely random, but they can create unique challenges that their viewers or fans will react to. In the future, more unique and complex mukbang events will appear for players to enjoy countless rewarding opportunities.

Food Fighter Clicker is a simple game centered around mukbang content, but has a lot of potential for players to relax. What's funny is the variety of costumes and adaptations that show the game's seriousness and care for some of the typical traditions of famous dishes.

Last words about Food Fighter Clicker

With the simple yet extremely entertaining gameplay of food fighter clicker idle, the game allows all players to enjoy its exciting gameplay of eating action. Feel free to immerse yourself in the exciting gameplay and enjoy your delicious dishes whenever you want. Have fun competing with yourself and your friends to become the ultimate food warriors.

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How to Download and Install Food Fighter Clicker?

First, click the download button, the APK file will be downloaded automatically.
Locate the downloaded APK file in your phone's Downloads folder and open it to install.
Go to your mobile settings, click Security, then Unknown Resources.

Now open the app and enjoy.