Fire Strike Gun Shooter FPS v3.57 MOD (Menu) APK

Fire Strike Gun Shooter FPS v3.57 MOD (Menu) APK

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Developer :
Edkon Games GmbH

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Fire Strike Gun Shooter FPS is a multiplayer online first-person shooter where players will have a great time. You are waiting for different types of team competitions, high-quality backdrops from locations around the world, a large selection of firearms, ammunition and gadgets, as well as convenient controls. Which has the ability to turn on automatic fire. This allows you to focus on moving and interacting with the team. Beautiful graphics and optimization, high game dynamics, the presence of tournaments for more professional players and much more add to the list of positive qualities of this game.

About gameplay
Gun Strike is packed with elements of an action packed FPS action game on your mobile. The gameplay is simple when it comes to real battles, especially the enemy AI system is very intelligent. The game offers a modern and diverse arsenal of weapons such as pistols, snipers, automatic rifles, pistols and grenades. The game features a variety of battlefields to explore and exciting quests to challenge players' skills. The game is perfectly optimized even for weak devices. Exciting firefights are guaranteed without having to use the Internet. You join the army on the battlefield and become the last survivor.

Gun Strike offers interesting short fights. Players use a variety of weapons from snipers, assault rifles, shotguns, and superhero weapons. You will encounter familiar weapons like Desert Eagle, AK-47, Mp5 pistols or AWM sniper rifles. You take part in various quests to get valuable rewards and unlock the best gear for you. The game supports offline mode and you can start the battle at any time. The game supports cloud saves, so your progress data will never be lost. The game features excellent global leaderboards, and you can view your worldwide leaderboard. You not only face the evil soldiers but also avoid the hostage annihilation.

In the city where you live, some strangers suddenly appear and they have dangerous actions that can affect people. More specifically, they carried guns and shot and killed innocent people in the streets. In fact, their action was to take over the city and turn it into a colony under their control. But if we continue to act without hesitation, we will not allow them.

Now you must gather the heroes of the city and fight together to protect this peaceful city. Players must clearly define the goal and direction of action in order to minimize the number of deaths. More specifically, it would be helpful if you showed off your best shooting skills; The ultimate goal is to kill those who attacked innocent people in the city.

You need to clearly break down the goals and direction of action so your teammates can understand them. Players must use the right weapons to attack these enemies. Fire Strike is always ready to help you if you express a desire to use other weapons or ammunition. The game also helps you upgrade your weapons to the most advanced ones to fight all these enemies.

In a modern first-person perspective, players must aim the barrel to instantly hit and shoot the enemy. Each fight becomes brutal when they are too strong or my vision can be obstructed as well. Use the game's unique terrain map to see where they're hiding. I've got urban all-terrain firmly under control, so victory will definitely be mine this time.

One by one, other strangers appeared, and that is the worry we suffer from. The people of the city are increasingly afraid of this enemy's cruel acts of torture. We must quickly mobilize forces to attack them before they proceed to kill innocent people.

A variety of weapons were made available to us; More specifically, the fast transport is also added by Fire Strike. The use of extremely sharp 3D images along with vivid sound has created an intriguing image for this game. Players will be overwhelmed by the advanced weapons, as well as the treasures that we get after each battle.

This also makes it clear what attraction Fire Strike brings with it. While the attacks were pushed to the weak, our heroes nonetheless participated enthusiastically. The combination of strength and intelligence also makes the game a complete win. Be the hero of the whole town and fight hard for a noble cause.

* Fast and easy gameplay
* Easy controls, just two fingers
* Autolock and Autofire or hand control
* Great graphics and effects
* Excellent performance and optimization

Gun Strike is a good choice if you love 3D shooters. The game features realistic and dramatic battle scenes. The mechanism works smoothly and many well-known weapons. Counter-Strike game in nostalgic style for smartphones. You can destroy terrorists simply by gentle touch controls. Get ready to experience the amazing shooting journey from the first perspective and become a powerful special forces warrior.

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