Farm Day Farming Offline Games v1.2.66 MOD (Unlimited Money) APK

Descriptions :

Farm Day Village Farming: Offline Games is a wonderful game in the "farm" genre with beautiful and juicy graphics, a large number of functions and is not tied to Internet access. The main characters inherited a small piece of fertile land and, according to tradition, a decaying farm. It is necessary not only to return the business to its previous level, but also to develop and improve it by an order of magnitude.


farm-day-village-farming-mod-unlimited-money-1 In Farm Day Village Farming you are a farmer who inherits property from your parents. Your inheritance will be a large farm, but the farm is still untouched and the land has not been cultivated. Your task will be to restore the farm and become a good farmer known to everyone. In order not to disappoint your parents, you must try to finish your farming well. farm-day-village-farming-mod-unlimited-money-1 When you come to this farm game you will enter a new world and you will have the opportunity to take care of pets, feed cows, feed pigs, chickens... Take care of fields, crops, fields, lush green grass.... Having a dream farm is not far from you.


farm-day-village-farming-mod-unlimited-money-1-1 Coming to Farm Day Village Farming game, you will be completely immersed in the peaceful world of peaceful village. You have to perform tasks like growing and harvesting crops like corn, wheat, cotton, canola and flowers and raising animals like horses, chickens, cows, rabbits and other animals. The crowing of the chickens and the screaming of the cows make the game lively and authentic. In this game you will start farming on a small piece of land because as a beginner you will easily manage and harvest crops. Each harvest will earn you multiple stars. You need to win the number of stars to unlock more farmland and animal stables. Every day your farm will grow and expand. So management and construction will become even more difficult.


farm-day-village-farming-mod-unlimited-money-1-1-1 In the game Farm Day Village Farming agricultural products have their own economic value. Plant, harvest to sell your goods to customers in the city, get rich on the farm and grow bigger. You don't worry about the number of customers because the demand and the number of customers will be very large. So try to create the products you operate like milk and cakes. This is a huge resource. You will be a hardworking farmer and live the life of a rich and happy farmer.


farm-day-village-farming-mod-unlimited-money-1-1-1-1 Farm Day Village Farming is a mobile game that is not only playable online but also a great offline game. You will play this game wherever you want, with internet or not, skip the time wasting ads and come to this awesome farm offline game. Beautiful graphics and vivid game sounds bring you into the colorful farm world. Get rid of all your worries and enter the fun and relaxing world of this farming game!

Farm Day Village Farming MOD features:

Unlimited Money: Convenient to use even when there is not enough.

Last words

“Work hard, enrich your farm and live the life of a happy farmer.” I just want to replace this end of review with an introduction from the manufacturer. If you want to experience the feeling of a hardworking farmer but still remain calm, download Farm Day Village Farming to play right now!

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