Family Island Farming game v2022194.0.20716 MOD (Unlimited Money) APK

Descriptions :

Family Island™ - Farming Game Adventure - Farming simulator in prehistoric environment for mobile devices. The player must help the Stone Age family to restore the farm after the volcano erupted on the island. In order to achieve the goal and return all the infrastructure, the user must establish cultivation and harvesting, he must explore the archipelago in search of valuable items. All this will help the family cope with various difficulties.

All answers are answered in Family Island, the game developed by Melsoft Games. This is a game company that has existed since 2008, but it has many famous games like Toy Defense Fantasy, Toy Defense 2... All these games are all well-known and got many crowd favorites. When you come to the game this time, you will experience human life in the Stone Age. What will they do to survive in an era without the help of modern technology?


Players will return to the Stone Age, when humans still lived a simple lifestyle and had to survive by foraging for food. They will be companions to a family of 4 including Bruce and Eva with a son and daughter. They got lost on a deserted island in the middle of the sea and have no useful things to help them. After arriving on this island they felt challenging at first because once they got used to the technological life it would be difficult to go back to the animal world. But they have no other choice, and if they want to survive, the only way is to awaken the instinct hidden in every human being. Will they be able to survive on this deserted island? All questions are answered in this game, come and join Bruce and Eva's family.


The gameplay of the game is straightforward and somewhat similar to farming games like Happy Farm. Players breed and raise animals themselves to make food. The player's only task when he comes to the game is to help Bruce's family survive and help them to have positive thoughts about it. Initially, there will only be barren land with no life, and players should renovate this land so that it can be cultivated. The gameplay of the game is simple but very addictive and players must be fascinated by the gameplay from the first time. Besides growing food crops like rice, wheat... the player also needs to raise animals to get meat from them. Animals like pigs, cows, goats... Players must first use traps to be able to catch them. After being able to catch them, the player can tame them to turn them into their pets to have more funny moments. You also have chores like harvesting the crops when they are ripe and feeding your pets to help them mature. Gameplay of the game is simple but brings players exciting moments while playing.

Technical development

Players can use their modern knowledge to build more modern facilities. But these things will make the lives of the characters in the game so much easier. The facilities that players can create, such as houses, kitchens, outdoor playgrounds... to make life more fun and eliminate negative thoughts. But in order to be able to build these facilities, the player must have the necessary materials such as wood, stone, leather...
Besides building these facilities, it is also possible for the player to upgrade their facilities to make them more modern. At first, the player can only build simple facilities and only use them as shelters. Once upgraded, these become things that both provide living space and have fun while bored. But in order to do these things, players also need to use a lot of materials. Family Island (MOD, Full)
The game has an extremely vivid and colorful 2D graphics format to be able to capture the player's attention. The game's effects are also beautifully polished to give the player the best experience. Come to Family Island to experience the exciting adventures of the Stone Age people.

Features :

* Explore wild areas, solve puzzles, find hidden objects and embark on an exciting adventure to new islands.
* Build and upgrade your little town in the middle of the ocean.
* Start your own family farm! Harvest, grow crops, and craft useful goods to trade with other characters.
* Cook healthy and delicious food from the ingredients you can find on the island.
* Customize your village with beautiful decorations! Choose flowers and plants that match the unusual landscapes of your village.
* Meet unusual animals: island hamsters, wild goats and even a dinosaur are waiting for you!
* Help a family survive on a desert island.

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How to Download and Install Family Island Farming?

First, click the download button, the APK file will be downloaded automatically.
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Go to your mobile settings, click Security, then Unknown Resources.

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