Faily Brakes v30.0 MOD (Unlocked) APK

Faily Brakes v30.0 MOD (Unlocked) APK

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Developer :
Spunge Games Pty Ltd

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Descriptions :

Faily Brakes (Unlocked/Money) - Very fun and interesting game in which you will help your main character named Phil. Your hero suddenly fails to brake and turned off the road down, to the foot of the mountain, Nesites at high speed, going around the most dangerous obstacle in the form of trees, trains and continuity. Collect coins along the way, which you can spend to unlock new SUVs or upgrade cars you already have. But the most interesting thing is that no matter how you try to save his hero, in the end you are still waiting for an amusing accident.


In order to offer players a new and more entertaining experience, the game publisher has designed an endless series of action sequences. You will enjoy endless rag dolls with professional dodges, crazy simulated cars and spectacular crashes. Your goal in the game is to avoid obstacles and make collisions to enjoy the fun of the game. Additionally, weapons like machine guns, missiles, and shields are back on track in Faily Brakes, and new games are being added at a faster rate so players can experience even more awesome action.


In Faily Brakes, the driving character is different from other games of the same genre. The ambitious character will change from level to level, and he will not sit still, but will have to lean sideways to balance his car. The situation in the game is that the gas pedal is stuck, so the car will go faster and faster, surprising you. Faily Brakes Meanwhile, you still have to participate in traffic, so you have to avoid collisions with obstacles and road users to avoid accidents. Also, you can collect a lot of things along the way and use them when needed. This simulation game is nice for the players because of the special graphic style; The equipment, obstacles and objects along the way are very vividly designed, creating exciting gameplay for players.


Since your car lost the brakes, all you have to do is move left or right to avoid the obstacles. In addition, Faily Brakes moves the vehicle downhill as far as you can control the collision. The obstacles you will encounter in the game include trees, rocks, traffic, trains, railways and many other unexpected situations that you cannot predict. In addition, you can shoot at or destroy obstacles with your available weapons, such as shields and missiles, to make it easier for you to move along the way.


Collisions are inevitable in Faily Brakes, so try to steer flexibly to be able to change the situation. If you fail to overcome the obstacles, you will collide with them and the driver will fly out of the car and fall to the ground, which means you will fail and end the level at the right time. Driving your car through many obstacles will collect a lot of coins and you can use this money to buy a new car.


As mentioned above, if you collect lots of coins, you can unlock lots of new vehicles to change into. Also, you can share your terrible accidents in slow motion with your friends via social media.

Features :

Simple and intuitive touch controls

First of all, in Faily Brakes, Android players will enjoy the unique racing game with well-optimized controls. Here you don't have to worry about accelerating or decelerating as you can only move left and right when driving off the mountain slopes. Choose between different control options with virtual buttons, tilt function, gestures and more. Choose the appropriate experiences that you would enjoy on your Android devices.

Immerse yourself in the refreshing and epic driving experiences

For the first time you have access to the refreshing and epic driving experiences in Faily Brakes. Get your favorite rides and don the incredible costumes as you jump right into the endless descents. Navigate from left to right and avoid the obstacles on the way. Stay away from trees, rocks, streams and traffic if you don't want your driver to fly off the windshield. Immerse yourself in endless gameplay where you will experience endless crashes and endless fun.

Collect multiple boosters along the way

In addition, the game offers several boosters that you can collect along the way to make your rides more comfortable and enjoyable. Put on the shield to protect your cars from collisions. Attach a magnet to your car to easily collect coins. And slow things down with the instant time improvements so you can take clean corners on tricky tracks. Feel free to use the endless buffs and boosters to get the highest scores in Faily Brakes.

Enjoy amazing rides on unique vehicles

And for those interested, the game also features a variety of different vehicles for you to pick up. Feel free to drive all types of vehicles from sports cars, SUVs to monster cars and even the Batmobile. Experience epic rides at extreme speeds and avoid interesting obstacles with Faily Brakes. Unlock more unique and interesting vehicles the more you play the game.

Take your rides to epic routes

Besides the classic mountain trails, players are also allowed to ride on multiple maps that will take you to popular locations around the world. Drive through the crowded cities, tackle the racetracks, fly off the snowy mountains or even take on surreal space environments. There are dozens of different routes to explore.

Play the game with different characters

In addition, players are also allowed to play the game with different characters in the game. Apart from that, you can drive as Gangster Faily, Cowboy Faily, Cop Faily and even Panda Faily which makes the game extremely entertaining. With different expressions and animations, you will definitely have fun playing with them, especially when you let them fly off the windshield.

Capture all your memorable moments in game

And for those who want to capture their unforgettable in-game moments, you can easily snap a 360-degree photo of your driver in action. Or record slow-motion videos while performing incredible stunts. Feel free to share the videos with your friends or keep them for yourself. Repeat the videos and view your photos whenever you want.

Compete with friends and players from all over the world

And most importantly, in addition to the endless single player challenges, in Faily Brakes players can also enjoy playing with friends and players from all over the world. Take on your opponent's ghosts or beat them in real-time races. Win against your opponents and collect your points to move up the leaderboard. Brag about your achievements and more to friends.

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