Endless Nightmare 2 Hospital v1.2.8 MOD (Unlimited Money) APK + DATA

Endless Nightmare 2 Hospital v1.2.8 MOD (Unlimited Money) APK + DATA

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Descriptions :

Endless Nightmare: Weird Hospital is a horror game revolving around James whose mission is to find strange elements in a hospital. But things don't go so smoothly when he finds himself in a dangerous place full of enemies. From there he will travel through the hospital to find clues, weapons and ways to fight the enemies that appear. It's a gameplay that every player is drawn to and don't forget to get yourself a new weapon after completing the standard level.


The game gives you the most realistic experience possible but doesn't require too much in terms of machine configuration, so many android devices can play this particular game well and smoothly. Challenge yourself to your fear now!


Endless Nightmare: Hospital offers you a unique and different experience with unexpected levels and secrets surrounding the game's plot. Challenge yourself against every fear, use your wits and cross every threshold because if you are consistent, the monsters will not be able to defeat you. Before starting the game, you need to look for secrets and creepy creatures behind the dark corridors and behind the mysterious doors in the hospital. Investigate, collect information and clues throughout the game to survive, escape and complete the game; The clues that appear throughout the game will help you uncover the mysteries.

You have to be careful with the scary monsters in the hospital; if you can't handle them, hide! You will meet boss monsters in each level and think strategically to complete the level. When you start attacking you have weapons to deal with scary monsters. So keep calm and use them wisely to be able to survive in this spooky hospital. Use weapons according to how you want and what skills you have trained. Remember ammo is a limited resource! During the game you will lose many times, but don't get discouraged, learn the skills to be able to win next time; In the end, with the experiences and lessons you learn from failure, you will be the winner!


The game is designed with 3D graphic style and exquisite art style to bring you a real horror experience, giving you a completely different experience of conclusion and adventure. Well-designed free puzzles and intricate storylines give you a comprehensive view of the game world. Don't hesitate without downloading and experiencing the game right away; You will experience moments of indescribable excitement, like what the game publisher wants to bring you - indescribable moments.

Features :

* Great data saving function, so you don't have to worry about the machine capacity problem.
* The game does not require too many tasks, such as B. Access to information, microphone, etc., so you are more secure in terms of security.
* Items like weapons, supplies, ... you can buy in the new game for a meager price, or you can get them yourself with your own skills.
* The gameplay remains the same, but the game is always updated, creating an experience that is not boring but unique to you.
* This is an offline game; You can play anywhere and anytime without worrying about internet issues.
* Exquisite 3D graphic style and a real horror visual experience!
* Complex plots and cases, use your wisdom and strategy to find the chilling truth!
* Explore from the first person perspective, test your logical thinking skills and uncover the horror mysteries hidden in the hospital!
* Rich gameplay, talents, weapons, conclusions, battles, the game has everything you want!
* Take up arms! You can show accurate marksmanship to kill horror ghosts!
* Scary music and sound effects, please wear headphones to experience the spooky atmosphere!
* Progress can be saved, experience the real thriller!
* Play without internet! You can play it anywhere!

Endless Nightmare 2: Hospital MOD features:

unlimited money

Last words

Endless Nightmare 2: Hospital deserves the word "horror" too well. The scene and monsters are oddly shaped at times. Sometimes they are bloody demons made of high* tech 3D technology. That's why they look so realistic and scary. The game is filled with darkness and terrifying jumpscares. Especially the unpredictable plot of the maker is something you can't overlook. In general, it's worth your time playing, folks.

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