Endless Colonies Idle Tycoon v3.42.00 MOD (Unlimited Sector Cash) APK

Descriptions :

Endless colonies offer players great experiences or discoveries as they establish countless new colonies on alien planets. It adopts an idle tycoon gameplay style to automate all production processes and give players complete control over production lines on different planets. Depending on players' development paths, the idle system can be significantly customized and become profitable over time.


The player's first task when coming to Endless Colonies is to explore new planets and build their foundation. Development is slow at first but is becoming fast enough to generate revenue or additional resources suitable for further exploration. Platform building can be greatly expanded, allowing players to build many things for rich and unique behaviors in many ways.


The production line is the main source of income for the player on each planet, and he must manage each process to complete the production. Depending on the unique characteristics of each planet, their core products are different and can be diversified over time. Each stage also requires a certain amount of time, and when the end products are available, the player can use them to craft or sell them for profit.


Idle tycoon system has the most convenient feature to automate almost every process to help players to get stable revenue streams. Endless Colonies also makes the tycoon system more profound and diverse, which allows the automation of income sources to be developed endlessly. In addition, the player must also buy some professional managers, thereby multiplying income or speeding up key processes in the production chain on a planet.


The research system on each planet is so deep and diverse that it balances great diversity in its production chains. The production progress not only serves the player currency, but also adds unique upgrade points that can be used in the research system and unlock new products for the planet. In addition, with this versatile and practical system, players can also improve the performance or production speed of some products.


In addition to the research system, production facilities are also important in Endless Colonies, which are divided into different levels. Based on each planet's level of advanced technology, factories will have a distinctive appearance and be more prominent in size than previous levels to facilitate mass production. Over time, the highest tier factories will open up one by one, giving the player access to many new products in the production line.


The game will unlock multiple time-limited planets to give players more opportunities to use or create many potential products. However, these planets only appear in the allowed time, so extracting all the minerals is only possible with the most advanced and modern machines. Many special event planets also have many other surprises for players to discover, and they will always come in handy and help the interplanetary deals to succeed.

Endless Colonies offers simple, relaxing and comfortable content for players to create one of the most powerful tycoon empires. All of its content, such as system, gameplay, research progress and events, has the depth to develop many creative and productive possibilities while players utilize countless rare resources or valuable products.

Features :

* More than 200 different goods are available for investigation!
* To continue you need to unlock 8 different worker characters in each factory.
* Unlock five different factories, each with a different theme!
* Play with stunning graphics and entertaining content!
* Natural resources must be managed!
* Idle Cash allows you to make money even when you are not working.
* Earn a variety of incentives for your improvements!

Endless Colonies MOD features:

* Unlimited galaxy gems
* unlimited money
* No Ads

Last words about Endless Colonies Idle Tycoon

It's a colorful entertainment game with strange and attractive gameplay. Well, it's extremely suitable for those who love to build their own empires. The plot is also quite good and has a compelling lead. You have a reason for your adventure, not just aimlessly rushing into the construction. Believe me! You will love it!

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How to Download and Install Endless Colonies Idle Tycoon?

First, click the download button, the APK file will be downloaded automatically.
Locate the downloaded APK file in your phone's Downloads folder and open it to install.
Go to your mobile settings, click Security, then Unknown Resources.

Now open the app and enjoy.