Empire Warriors Offline Games v2.5.00 MOD (Unlimited Money) APK

Descriptions :

Strategy games have always been the favorite genre of the vast majority of game lovers. In terms of strategy games, Empire Warriors: Tower Defense TD Strategy Games is a shiny name to mention first. This is a great strategy game that has caused quite a stir in the gaming community due to its impressive charm and the endless entertainment it brings.


Some minor bugs have been fixed in the latest updated version of Empire Warriors and some features have been added to make the game more complete. Also fixed the offerwall bug that appeared in the previous version. The brand new Growth Up package and optimization in this version will give players a better experience.


Fierce and uncompromising battles take place in Empire Warriors. In this fantasy world, you play as a powerful commander; You are tasked with creating the right and most innovative strategies to protect your kingdom from evil monsters. You are the holder of the key and destiny for your kingdom. Control your soldiers and fortress to destroy the invading troops. The game takes place in a fantasy world where different races live together. This place is called Loria; there are humans, trolls, elves, and countless other strange species. One day, two human kingdoms came into conflict and war broke out. You play as Prince Jave of the Kingdom of Endia to lead his army and protect his dominion from enemy invasion.


The game is integrated with many attractive and exciting levels; Of course, each level has different levels of difficulty, and the level of difficulty will gradually increase according to your level. The first few levels introduce you to the game and teach you how to play with manageable levels. The higher the level, the stronger and more aggressive the enemy becomes, which requires a clear and wise strategy for the soldiers to take the best position on the battlefield. Empire Warriors features 11 powerful heroes, 4 powerful defense towers and over 30 different enemy types. Each hero has a different and unique appearance and abilities, in each battle you can use up to 3 heroes. Take into account the skills to arrange them appropriately for the game and don't forget to upgrade the skills for the generals, then the strength of your army will increase significantly. Towers also play an important role in every game because they have strong defensive capabilities. The enemy is cruel and brutal, so don't be subjective, take the most calculated precautions.


This game has three game modes including Tournament, Great War and Hero Challenge. Each game mode offers additional fun; Play all three modes alternately to fully enjoy the entertainment of this game. In addition, the game's 2D graphics are also appreciated for their simplicity but sophistication. You will enjoy the beautiful battlefields as well as the diverse techniques; Sometimes you also encounter the grandiose and amazing when big explosions happen. Empire Warriors is a place where you can unleash your exceptional leadership and strategy. Enjoy the beautiful battlefields and have fun with this super fun game.

Features :

* Tower Defense Offline RPG Games that are attractive, fun and free! We call it Tower Defense TD Offline Fight Game (btd).
* Offline mode, you can play anytime, anywhere.
* High quality graphics
* Consider all the power in your hand, learn carefully about your enemy to have the most appropriate strategy and tactics. Build your powerful defenses and claim a glorious victory!
* 120+ maps and levels that are both challenging and interesting in a strategy game.
* 4 types of defense towers with different functions and strengths, along with 5 upgradeable options. Archer, Mage, Warrior, Dragon, Golem,...everything is yours.
* 11 heroes with different powers and abilities. Choose your heroes to fight the BTD 6 war and seek revenge. Defeat or be defeated, it's up to you!
* More than 10 types of unique runes that will help strengthen your heroes to drive away all wild bosses and invaders.
* Over 30 types of enemies with their own evil abilities. Don't underestimate the minions or they will destroy your castle!
* The intense boss fight in this addictive strategy, tower defense and realm defense game.
* 5 power-ups - the real saviors in the toughest moments of defense.
* Join legendary superheroes and start the fight against super dangerous enemies while using all your skills to win
* Your kingdom is in a peaceful land, when strangers suddenly appear and always find ways to harass Nene, you must fight to prevent them from being abused.
* The game is designed with harmonious interface graphics to take players to dramatic battlefields and here you can feel the dangerous atmosphere when you are surrounded by enemies
* Battle directly with a range of different players from many parts of the world; This will be the biggest competition to find the strong one, so you have to focus on winning them all
* In this game you only need a clever strategy to make the best plans to defeat your opponents; Also, use smart weapons and destroy the enemy.


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