Dude Theft Wars Offline games v0.9.0.8f MOD (Unlimited Money) APK

Dude Theft Wars Offline games v0.9.0.8f MOD (Unlimited Money) APK

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Developer :
Poxel Studios Games

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Descriptions :

Dude Theft Wars (Unlimited Money) - a full-fledged sandbox with an open world in which you take on the role of a young man who came to an unfamiliar city, which at first glance seemed just paradise, but it has turned out to be far from it. In this project you have complete freedom of action, so you can lead a peaceful life, just enjoy walking around the city or take up arms and earn a living in a criminal way, as well as participate in online battles, the game Dude Theft Wars mod apk has a huge arsenal of weapons, the ability to manage a variety of vehicles and a fully interactive environment that adds dynamism and realism to the game.


We always want to offer players the best gaming experience, so with the arrival of the latest update, you will have more features and improvements - new unique. Now you can participate in Dude Theft Wars with your teammates from all over the world; If they die you can't survive so let's stick together to sustain life. Not only that, but the weapon collection has also been significantly expanded, such as: B. new weapons, new melee, new items Ducci and Bomb Disco grenade system.


Now you can join the endless adventure driving war in city even offline or online. You can own even the most modern classic cars and start them again to perform dangerous but equally exciting actions. More than 60 physics-based cars are waiting for you to conquer.


Usually you accompany the car on all roads to freely play many different minigames and get interesting rewards. However, this does not mean that you were careless, as accidents can happen at any time if you are not careful. The consequences are devastating which can result in vehicle damage causing a large explosion affecting surrounding vehicles in traffic.


In your adventure with Dude Theft Wars you can invite, challenge or accept your opponent to join the dance in unique dances with different handsome boys. This place will be the place where unique funny hilarious moments take place in an entire city. In addition, a selfie system will be on display, allowing you to own meme images to share with friends around the world.


Are you ready for a realistic flight experience like birds flapping their wings to fly freely in the sky? If players get bored of traveling on the ground, Dude Theft Wars lets you experience aerial adventures by joining the helicopter army. From this vantage point, players revel in the thin air high above and descend for panoramic city views to admire the rushing stream of people going to work, strolling,...


Don't stop there, Dude Theft Wars also helps you join the legendary shooting game. If you want to increase the excitement even more, you can also commit many new crimes, such as killing the boys you photographed and danced with, or causing accidents with serious property damage. The problem occurs when you do not go to the police station to report, but on the contrary, run away and attack the police pursuit, taking the pursuit to a new level.

Features :

* Dude Theft Wars is a series of fights between guys who steal things.
* One of the many free open world games and ragdoll games out there.
* Game mode for online multiplayer games that is extremely entertaining
* One of the many free ragdoll games and fun action games on the internet.
* FPS shooting game with an open world environment
* You can play online multiplayer and ragdoll games with up to 16 people.
* Shooting games with ragdoll physics that are difficult to master
* Sandbox driving simulator with a sense of humor
* In this open world game you can participate in minigames.
* Discover hidden secrets and cheats in this sandbox simulator.

Dude Theft Wars MOD features:

Unlimited Money: Money does not decrease as you use it.

Note that you need enough money to make a purchase. Therefore, you should buy cheap items first and find ways to farm more money.

Last words

You can play this game in single player mode for early missions. But then I recommend playing online with friends for fun. Since the game has a series of difficult missions, you need enough gang members to do bad things like kill. B. annoying the police, destroying roads, robbing banks... Revealingly, you can play with up to 15 players in online mode. Interesting right?

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