Drone 5 Elite Zombie Shooter v2.00.003 MOD (Unlimited Money) APK

Drone 5 Elite Zombie Shooter v2.00.003 MOD (Unlimited Money) APK

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Developer :
Reliance Entertainment Studios UK Pvt Ltd

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Descriptions :

Drone 5: Elite Zombie Shooter offers the most intense free-to-play drone reconnaissance simulation on mobile. Climb in, gear up and compete. Help the remaining ground forces survive with shadow attacks.The Drone series is back with an evolved war action and advanced military arsenal to add even more excitement to first person shooter games. The game continues the legacy of its predecessor. It's time to enter the battlefield, strategize and dominate the resistance to bring world peace.


Pilot the world's best UCAVs and blast your way through a series of action-packed covert missions using ultra-high tech equipment and weapons such as rockets, missiles, bombs, gunships, cannons, etc. Disrupt enemy control, provide close-in air support, and plunder enemy bases around the world before they take you out.

The return of the Drone series, which features refined military technology and expanded first-person combat options, has made first-person shooter games much more exciting. This game is in many ways a natural continuation of its predecessor. It's up to you to enter the battlefield, carefully plan your movements and crush the resistance in order to restore peace to the world. Play as a UCAV pilot and perform covert missions using advanced weaponry such as missiles, missiles, bombs, helicopter gunships, cannons and more. To survive, you must disrupt enemy control, provide air support, and raid enemy bases around the world. Zombies are everywhere. Advanced drone pilots like you are now humanity's last hope for survival. Practice your aim with zombies while piloting a combat drone. Gather supplies and protect ground forces.

As a pilot of state-of-the-art combat UAVs, you hold the fate of mankind in your hands in this new dark age. Because of your courage and foresight, the future of humanity is in your hands. Her extraordinary skills will go down in history. To achieve anything worthwhile, you must be willing to take calculated risks. Make the right decisions in dangerous missions to defend, protect and collect gold and resources. You are needed now more than ever to contribute to the world. This game combines high-octane action with an epic story. Assist the local team in finding anything they need. Save the survivors from being devoured by zombies in locations ranging from the local supermarket to the corner coffee shop. Master your craft to save lives and defeat zombies in your quest for victory. You use state of the art drones to aim through a scope and launch pinpoint attacks in Tactical Imminent Threats Missions. Take out the rarer types of zombies, like ROAMER and SPRINTER. You are tasked with guarding the Afterlife Base and accompanying the ground forces on various missions in this covert first-person shooter.

Features :

* Two different game modes (zombie and military)
* Fly different types of attack helicopters, from prototypes to official planes!
* Over 70 challenging missions
* Defend, survive, strike or escort
* Simple and intuitive touch controls * Dominate the battle with your fingertip
* 5 types of weapons to kill your enemies
* 7 additional upgrades * Dominate the battlefield with airstrikes, nukes and more!
* 30 official ranks * Start as a recruit and rise to the commander as a master general

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How to Download and Install Drone 5 Elite Zombie Shooter?

First, click the download button, the APK file will be downloaded automatically.
Locate the downloaded APK file in your phone's Downloads folder and open it to install.
Go to your mobile settings, click Security, then Unknown Resources.

Now open the app and enjoy.