Dreamdale Fairy Adventure v1.0.25 MOD (Free Rewards) APK

Dreamdale Fairy Adventure v1.0.25 MOD (Free Rewards) APK

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Developer :
SayGames Ltd

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Descriptions :

Dreamdale develops exciting experience content including reclamation, area expansion, and combat activities. Each hero is combined with a different community to start growing different crops and harvesting them. Along the way, you'll collect coins to buy the required armor sets and then use them in your upcoming battle. The intense confrontations in the Dragon's Lair bring you more profit when you win.


The skills required to become an almighty hero in Dreamdale are the most important factors that every player must possess. At the beginning of the journey to conquer it, you will face the first challenges in the forest. This is where the meeting between friends takes place and you must complete the group quest to continue the journey. The entire activity that needs to be done is cutting down trees, expanding the land and sowing seeds.


In the weapon collection, players will find the necessary equipment to face the monsters in Dreamdale. Each player takes turns trying the items and decides to accept this fight. Helmets, armor, or some significant damage weapons such as swords, bows, and arrows are provided to make your experience more complete. For the goal of winning the game with monsters and dragons, you will be rewarded with enormous treasures.


The war is over; You will receive hundreds more benefits from them and continue your journey to build a base in Dreamdale. Each story will help you grow more every day, gain more experience and make new friends. Various situations require players to perform with groups or teammates and this is the time for you to expand your network and make more great friends. This journey will not be alone when you have so many options!


Dreamdale expands the world of heroes in your own way, where players take control of their destiny and complete each job alone. In order for the tasks to go more smoothly, you have time to prepare. As you join the community and experience the life of a hard-working farmer, you'll need the help of an ax and a hammer. When it comes to building a monster kill record, our arsenal of weapons will help. Rewards are given when you complete all of the day's tasks.

Features :

* Develop exciting experience content that combines base building, resource development, and monster combat.
* Complete the quest to expand the land as you begin clearing, chopping down trees, and converting the land into fertile croplands.
* Start constructing buildings with other players and develop a great community to grow together as friends.
* Equip the weapons and armor that you get from your collection and get ready for the upcoming confrontation with hundreds of enemies.
* Fight alone with powerful monsters and defeat them for valuable rewards like coins and treasure chests.
* A Resourceful Hero - Starting with nothing but an empty backpack and your trusty axe, hack, mine and gather resources to construct new buildings or trade for coins and diamonds at the market. Spend coins to upgrade your gear and buildings, or expand the map to find more and more diverse resources.
* The right tools - each resource requires a different tool to mine, and each tool can be upgraded to get more resources faster. Progress through the game to find pickaxes, shovels, fishing rods and more, including unique gold tools that will make you the fastest digger, miner, farmer or fisherman ever.
* Some good friends - soon other villagers will join you to help you expand your world, tend your farm, catch your fish, craft your tools and mine your resources. In no time at all, you'll be in charge of your own little trading empire, rushing across the map to craft, collect, upgrade, and expand.
* One Place for Everything - Build camps for all the different resources you collect and upgrade the buildings along with your backpack to speed up trading and bring in more and more coins.
* Constant Progression - Complete quests to gain XP, level up and get a wide range of rewards to help you progress in the game, including a wide range of different player attributes that provide advantages in various aspects of the game.
* A Bit of Luck - Get more rewards and extra coins from chests that appear randomly around the map, or dig for treasure where X marks the spot.


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How to Download and Install Dreamdale Fairy Adventure?

First, click the download button, the APK file will be downloaded automatically.
Locate the downloaded APK file in your phone's Downloads folder and open it to install.
Go to your mobile settings, click Security, then Unknown Resources.

Now open the app and enjoy.