Doctor Dash Hospital Game v1.67 MOD (Unlimited Coins/Gems) APK

Descriptions :

Doctor Dash: Hospital Game - arcade manager that offers players to build a medical clinic and take in patients. In order to attract more customers, you need to show a high level of service, so the player needs to hire qualified doctors for all departments, from dentistry to surgery. The medical center should also have state-of-the-art equipment for treatment. To buy it you need to use earned funds. All users are waiting for almost fifty levels where they can demonstrate their management skills.


The first thing players need to do when they come to Doctor Dash is lay the groundwork, the important core content commonly found in hospitals to start the hospital process. You can extend foundations with new levels or branches to accommodate different patient needs while keeping things stable. Of course, players can decorate or design the entire hospital with the most distinctive and stable style to facilitate future expansion and help patients easily navigate.

After completing the hospital construction, players can directly transform into doctors and feel their work with many new feelings. Each job segment has different processes or rules, and each of them has a set of levels that must be completed in order to progress further in the job or career. In other words, each job type is a new game mode to keep players entertained while giving them lots of fun moments as they see the doctor's work from a new perspective.

A hospital doesn't just focus on one problem or one area, so players can expand their hospitals with new features in Doctor Dash. This helps open up new levels of gameplay, and they can take in critically ill patients and take part in professional surgeries. Many expansions in the hospital are rich in potential and ensure that everyone makes the most exciting discoveries as they become a professional doctor and quickly face all challenges.

Clinics are sub-branches in the player's hospital, and they can invest in them with more resources or budget to improve their performance. As a result, it can automatically treat patients faster and can provide more medicines or support other clinics in an emergency. Each player's investment is not in vain, but they can make the hospital more prosperous and take many patients for more income or valuable reputation.


Doctor Dash will introduce an extensive and deep decoration system that will allow players to change the appearance or atmosphere of any hospital or department. However, you only have certain options that most hospitals usually use to create a sense of friendliness and keep patients happy during treatment. You can add furniture, equipment and more to any room to create a professional feel and incrementally improve the overall quality of the hospital.

Players won't be able to perfectly manage everything in the hospital, so they need trusted staff or managers to keep things running. Recruiting new staff is complex but rewarding to ensure they can automate specific departments or specific areas of the hospital to drive new outcomes. Interestingly, players can upgrade employees with new features to improve work efficiency or let departments develop many new things.

Doctor Dash is a perfect time management game with a hospital theme that gives players the excitement of running the hospital their way. In addition, player activity affects gameplay changes, giving them a real sense of operating or developing things themselves to save as many patients as possible.

Features :

* The most authentic hospital operation gameplay for players to manage and develop their hospitals with outstanding growth.
* Take on different doctor jobs, heal the patients and save more lives as you go through different departments through the hospital expansion.
* Upgrade the hospital with new features to adapt new work styles and improve overall income and performance as the best hospital.
* Invest in different clinics and decorate everything in the hospitals to upgrade them to perfection while hiring new doctors for smooth automation.
* Master all on-duty challenges and emergencies to save precious lives, and earn intriguing experience points for outstanding achievements.

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How to Download and Install Doctor Dash Hospital Game?

First, click the download button, the APK file will be downloaded automatically.
Locate the downloaded APK file in your phone's Downloads folder and open it to install.
Go to your mobile settings, click Security, then Unknown Resources.

Now open the app and enjoy.