Dino Bash Dinosaurs v Cavemen Tower Defense Wars v1.6.5 MOD (Lots Of Coins & More) APK

Descriptions :

Dino Bash (Lots Of Coins & More) - a very interesting arcade game that will take you many thousands of years ago, when the world was ruled by large and bloodthirsty dinosaurs, and there was no place for humanlike people. And so, your story begins just at the moment when dinosaurs inhabited our planet and were not going to leave for good, there was not much food, which means the tribes were starving, from that moment you start your amazing and at the same time dragging trip. Steal an egg in a prehistoric pangolin and try to run away with it to your cave, while the most important thing is to run there unharmed.

General Information

Dino Bash is an action strategy game just available on Google Play developed by Pokoko Studio. Although there is a tactical element, compared to typical games of this genre such as Clash of Clans, Age of Empires, or Spartan Wars, the gameplay of Dino Bash is light and does not include slash cuts or dramatic action count. The shape even the dinosaurs in the game in a cartoon style with bright, colorful colors, not simulating their actual image in reality. Therefore, Dino Bash is suitable for those who only play entertaining games, kill time, and do not want to spend a lot of brainpower when experiencing.

Dino Bash is a light action strategy game with a fun series of dinosaur egg protection tasks, suitable for many players and free experience. Dino Bash fantasizes about the world of kind dinosaurs suddenly being attacked by a group of cave dwellers and the only way they can survive is to stand up for themselves. The game also takes players into Jurassic Park.

But unlike Jurassic World: The Game and Jurassic Park Builder, the scene in Dino Bash is much nicer. Besides, instead of creating new dinosaurs out of DNA, the game requires you to protect the eggs by touching and dragging the stone. Then, acting as a bullet in the lower right corner of the screen towards the star enemy. Until you release your hand, a flying dinosaur from above will steal the stone and drop it on the enemy’s head. If successful, you will receive a star reward, gold coins, and unlock extra levels.

Another way you can defeat the enemy is to touch the dinosaur icon in the lower-left corner of the screen interface to bring the character to the field to play. Once on the battlefield, this small dinosaur will attack the enemy but with enough force only to make the enemy back away. Therefore, use the bonuses to upgrade your character as soon as possible.

How to Play Dino Bash?

Dino Bash is an attractive dinosaur protection game for mobile devices that has just been released by the game publisher Pokoko Studio. Dino Bash tells about the journey to save the beautiful dinosaurs’ lives before the attack of a group of ancient people. The game will bring people from one surprise to another extremely interesting.

The game will take us to begin the dinosaur rescue against a cavalry force called the cave dwellers. These dinosaurs are very kind as they have eggs for the player to protect. You will drag stones for dinosaurs to grab and drop on the heads of other dinosaurs who are planning to attack. If we hit enemies in the head, we will receive game rewards.

Besides defeating the opponent, we can compete in the arena by clicking the dinosaur in the left corner of the screen. However, these dinosaurs are not too strong, as they are only firm enough to repel the enemies further. Our major task is still trying to earn a lot of bonuses to have money to upgrade characters. Their dinosaurs increase in power when taking part in battles.

Dino Bash is a relatively interesting action game with light and fun gameplay. It is extremely suitable for people to choose a game with simple gameplay. The game is suitable for entertaining moments after school or hard work. Download Dino Bash to start the journey to rescue the beautiful dinosaurs with us.

Dino Bash is a fun, casual strategy tower defense mobile game based on cute dinosaurs. The game has cute graphics, simple and interesting tower defense gameplay. Players release the army of Tyrannosaurus, Triceratops, and Raptors to fight and keep the dinosaur eggs from the mouths of hungry cave dwellers. Dinosaurs and their eggs are being attacked by hungry cave dwellers, only you can save them in this action-packed dinosaur defense game.

Overall Assessments

Dino Bash is a tower defense mobile game that just launched on iOS and Android. The game will take you back to the era of dinosaur reign and take part in an exciting new battle. You will not have to play the role of a hero to kill dinosaurs but have to help this cute beast. They are facing an extremely ferocious and starving enemy who is bawling and stealing their eggs. This enemy is plump and cute prehistoric humans.

There will be many types of people attacking the dinosaur’s egg nest such as tankers, healers, and high movement speed. You will also have the tools to resist

Features :

A law fight for the ages
Unleash an army of T-Rex, Triceratops, Raptors and more ferocious dinosaurs and defend your precious egg from hungry, hungry cavemen.

Summon volcanic bombs, ice rocks, hidden traps, vicious blizzards, and bait eggs against these invading fools. Aim and strike!

Strengthen your dinosaurs, upgrade your arsenal, bolster your defenses, and laugh – or terrify – at the cavemen's persistent attacks.

Help dinosaurs prevent extinction in 100 hand drawn levels of primordial tug of war defense. Cavemen have never looked so beautiful.

Dino Bash MOD features:

Unlimited Coins
Unlimited Diamonds

Last words

Come on guys! No need to brainstorm, just live your best in the dinosaur world. After playing this game your thoughts about dinosaurs will be different. You won't believe the Jurassic Park series anymore. Download Dino Bash MOD APK and play here everyone.

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