Dead Paradise Car Race Shooter v1.7 b10763 MOD (Unlimited Money) APK

Dead Paradise Car Race Shooter - After years of war, America is a wasteland ruled by bandits on iron horses with guns. You are without family and in order to somehow survive, you must participate in deadly races! You have a wide range of cars to choose from and improve them, you can also choose a team and enter a race. Don't skimp on ammo, destroy your competitors, conquer territories, and discover new types of deadly iron.

Welcome to Dead Paradise: The Road Warrior is the free death race shooting game with car battles on wild roads! Choose and level up your death car, upgrade your gun and bring destruction to your enemy! Become the best killer in apocalypse race. Make your rivals tremble with fear! Show them the best driving, shooting and fury!

Dead Paradise: The Road Warrior allows you to drive different cars and use a large arsenal of upgrades. Upgrade machine guns and death shotguns to gain shooting power and destructive abilities of your car. Use addictive armor to reduce damage taken and destruction from your rivals.

Smash and burn your enemies in fast-paced action battles with great graphics. Survive in burnout race, earn goals and get additional resources to unlock new game weapons, armor and cars. Join the race of death and defeat racing rivals to reach the goal. Face off against 5 unique bosses and dodge the explosion

Many well-known faces from around the world have gathered here, on the Dead Paradise stage. Thousands of fans are waiting for your performance. With 90 levels, this difficult task requires you to choose a fixed character. Players have the opportunity to upgrade skills, they are limited to 4 times, and you are forced to stop upgrading when you reach the maximum level. Various decisions regarding their intelligence or the types of ammo used will help to pre-read the character's information.

Dead Paradise has a total of 10 different cars to decide from. A menu will open when you join the lounge. Players have little time to equip themselves with many useful items. What matters is your vehicle. They have a variety of prices, types of conditions that give you a chance to own them. Once you've unlocked the significant damage cars, you'll have enough confidence to face the bosses at the end of the game.

The remote desert battlefield of Dead Paradise is an excellent choice for reuniting powerful racers from around the world. Players must face more than 15 different types of enemies. Also, more than five bosses are summoned with huge sources of power to make it difficult for you to conquer the pinnacle of glory. Whether this turns out to be fun or a violent encounter is up to you and the rest of the game!

Players need to make some changes to the character, vehicle used, and different strategies to start this fierce race. This is an exciting meeting, but also very intense. You start with everyone at the finish line. After the start, the first bullets broke in and endangered safety. Avoid them and rush forward. The dangers lurking along the way also make the race more challenging than ever.

Dead Paradise is for players who are passionate about extreme sports and enjoy the difficulties presented by dangerous environments. After all, you know in advance what you will have to go through. However, the levels become more difficult as the number increases. Players have to spend a lot of time cutting off the tails of those trying to bring you down. Race at high speed and shoot in this chaotic combo battle. Are you sure that you will take the first place when meeting the boss?

* Select the character you want from our collection. Four faces representing the underworld are the ideal choice.
* Modify each car to make it yours, buy a new one and add different types of accessories to make it look more relaxed.
* Meet and chat with hundreds of different players, listen to their stories and make real friends.
* Join the battle by driving fast to overcome obstacles and then avoid gun and bullet pursuit.
* Receive special rewards at the end of missions, collect achievement points to level up and make significant progress in the leaderboard.

* 90 unique levels in the world of apocalypse
* 15 unique types of enemies
* 10 death cars
* 5 unique bosses
* 4 types of upgrades

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