Dead Ahead Zombie Warfare v3.1.1 Mod (Free Shopping) Apk

Dead Ahead Zombie Warfare - Defend your bus and endure enemies more terrifying than any devil or demon! Break through
Barricades while you slaughter the corrupt corpses. Gather your gladiator team and send
Then one by one into battle! Use whatever means necessary to fend off the horde of pixel madmen
Carnivore! Slash, shoot or burn dead with barrels, Molotov cocktails and grenades. May be
kill your opponents directly and explosively or secretly.

* Blood and Courage action strategy game with a sense of humor
* No hiding in the shade! The undead will come for you!
* Resist the onslaught of zombies and protect your bus at all costs!
* A huge world with numerous locations
* Lots of surviving units and zombies
* Upgrades, special items, and optional quests

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