Dead Ahead Zombie Warfare v3.7.6 MOD (Free Shopping) APK


In this interesting gameplay of Dead Ahead: Zombie Warfare, Android gamers find themselves in a devastated world overrun by the undead. Evil zombies roam the streets in search of food and try to eat your brain. As one of the few lucky survivors of this town, it's time to leave this place.


Dead Ahead: Zombie Warfare features the settings of a post-apocalyptic world and introduces Android players to a whole new adventure with its unique survival bus. Here the zombies are constantly spawning on the streets and there are obstacles that need to be cleared before you can move on to the next location.

Any fighting game requires players to have a squad with good teammates to win easily. Also in this game, the manufacturer will allow you to assemble a squad of the best people left to counter zombie proliferation. The best squad will be the one put together by the best players.

One of the things that this Dead Ahead did so well is definitely the look at the apocalyptic world. Everything is coordinated and perfectly coordinated down to the last detail. The horrible scene created by zombies on the streets to the mass appearance of zombies with horrific shapes invades the world. This is when the survivors must fight to save the earth.

In order to create extreme emotions in the players, graphics will be an indispensable element for all games. So, the developer of the game put a lot of effort into providing players with the best graphical experience for great emotions. You experience the scenes in the game with the best graphic quality that the manufacturer wants to give you.

Instead of being used to now, you'll get used to controlling just one or two characters to fend off zombies; With Dead Ahead you must control an entire army to create a perfect battle formation. It also means that the difficulty of the game will increase as managing such a large army at once is quite challenging. But don't worry because the game will guide you step by step from easy to difficult so that you can easily get used to the game. Your job is simply to assemble a great roster with the perfect combination of strength and good strategy.


* Interesting strategy game with a sense of humor
First of all, Dead Ahead: Zombie Warfare Android players will definitely find the game extremely entertaining thanks to its unique strategy elements and an interesting sense of humor in every level. Here you can face the epic defensive battles against the zombies that come in all different sizes and powers. Make good use of your available resources and units, as they will allow you to fend off the enemies in a variety of ways. Activate your perfect strategy and win matches as you progress.

* Lots of units with unique weapons to work with
In order to assemble your perfect teams of gladiators to face the powerful enemies, in Dead Ahead: Zombie Warfare players are allowed to work with a variety of different units, each with their own unique abilities and characteristics. Feel free to engage in the exciting battles in the game and use any means necessary to repel their attacks.

* Be creative with your unit controls and general tactics
Speaking of which, with multiple units to control and choose from, players can work on their tactics and be creative in choosing their formations. Always try to combine different types of units to form your strongest army and fend off the enemies. Use the different tactics offensively or defensively to eliminate all enemies. Even be creative when it comes to building traps and luring your enemies inside. All of this ensures that you can all enjoy this fantastic game from Mobirate.

* Unlock useful upgrades for your units and vehicles
Here in Dead Ahead: Zombie Warfare, Android players are allowed to work with a variety of different useful upgrades that will allow their units and vehicles to gain better stats and hold their own against stronger enemies. Be sure to collect items, gain experience, and complete quests so you can unlock the upgrade options. Also, there will be equipment and items that you can collect and use during battles. Use their permanent or temporary buffs to help your troops stand up to the powerful opponents.

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