Cut the Rope v3.39.0 MOD (Unlimited Money) APK

Cut the Rope v3.39.0 MOD (Unlimited Money) APK

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Descriptions :

Cut the Rope FULL FREE (Unlimited Money) - the very first version of the famous saga of a voracious monster named Om Nom. As in all other versions, the essence and mechanics of the game remain untouched, you will continue to delight your sweet tooth with sweets and feed sweets. Om Nom doesn't like and doesn't want to share with anyone, get all the sweets and feed your hero. On your way there are a large number of both complex and simple puzzles that you need to solve in order to get sweets.


Cut the Rope is simple and easy to win, but that doesn't mean every level will be easy for you. Although it is a game for entertainment, it still requires a high level of intelligence from the players to find the best strategies for themselves. In addition, the game will also require a lot of physics knowledge in order to be able to use it optimally for solving puzzles and completing tasks.

This game is very similar to Candy Crush. There are many levels that you have to overcome. Specifically, there are 425 with many levels of difficulty, which can later be easily arranged in ascending order. Throughout the game, the character you control and see is an adorable little frog inspired by the cartoon Om Nom Stories. The game has both offline and online modes to choose from and even without internet you can still play normally.


First you have to know that your task is to place candies that are suspended on a rope and you have to find a way to put these candies in the mouth of a frog that is waiting in any position. You just slide the rope to cut it and the candy will fall into the frog's mouth automatically, but not always. Later, the position of the candy and the frog is no longer convenient, but you will have to use support means, such as inflatable boats.

It doesn't just stop with how to get the candy to the frog, but also have to make the candy touch three stars that are messily arranged on the screen. You must eat all the stars to go to the next level. Otherwise you will have to play again until you can. Sometimes there are obstacles in the way so you have to find the best path for you, but it still helps players to be excited when they need to find a way to complete challenges.


You can see that the main color of the game is green, which is similar to the frog's skin color and it is considered a characteristic of it. The colors are designed with bright colors that are quite cool and vibrant to give the player a feeling of gentle relaxation. As for the picture, it's not too complicated because it's cartoonishly cute and funny, so everyone is interested in this game. In addition, when you touch or touch some things, they create extremely realistic effects.

To make the game more exciting, the manufacturer has chosen a sound system with a fairly fast tempo that will make players nervous and excited every time they have to think about completing challenges. In addition to the soft background music, sound effects play every time you touch something, such as B. cutting a string, touching a rubber dinghy, or the sound of a candy touching the stars. When the frog has eaten the candy, it also makes funny and beautiful noises.

Cut the Rope is a game suitable for all ages and especially kids will love the cute frog image every time they play. You can choose to experience it as a form of entertainment or train your mind through other challenging and difficult levels.

Features :

* Exciting and fun gameplay not found in any other game
* Lots of levels with many different levels to experience freely without getting bored.
* Graphics and sound are very well invested because it is the factor that makes the game much more perfect.
* There is also an offline mode for players to entertain themselves when there is no internet besides the online mode.

Cut the Rope 2 MOD features:

unlimited money

Cut the Rope 2 has only one currency, coins. They are used to purchase support items from the store. Includes power (power* ups), tips. In addition, coins can be used to buy decorative items such as candy skins, Om Nom costumes, and wire* cut effects.

Last words

Cut the Rope 2 is ZeptoLab's most successful game. It has a lot of fun puzzles but no logic, instead it focuses on creativity and impossible ideas. How can the floating candy roll on Om Nom when there is a rock in front of it? All the answers are in this game. Find out!

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