Cut the Rope BLAST v5761 MOD (Endless lives) APK

Cut the Rope BLAST v5761 MOD (Endless lives) APK

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Perhaps for those who enjoy playing games, Cut The Rope is a game that is not alien to everyone. This game is famous and attracts many players because the gameplay is full of curiosity and tests a very high level of player's patience, which requires players to be clever in the game. But now, with the new model of the game, Blast, players no longer find this game difficult to play, but extremely easy. This blast mode has just been released, but it has attracted many players at home and abroad because the game's design and graphics are beautiful and the gameplay is simple. This game is completely free and available for Android devices from today.


Cut The Rope is a game too familiar to many players worldwide with the play style of the player's intelligence. However, with this newly released Blast mode, players will enjoy this gameplay more. This is extremely simple and easy to play gameplay; the player's task is to collect enough colorful candies for each game level and try to reach 3 stars. The number of stars you collect will help you complete the game's daily mission. With simple gameplay and beautiful graphics, this version, like other versions of the game, has attracted many players around the world. Anyone can play this game regardless of age or kids as the game mode is very tight and easy to use. This version promises players interesting experiences that the previous versions didn't have.


Cut The Rope has a simple and player-friendly gameplay. With just one tap, players quickly close the game screen. In this version the game has a square frame containing many candies of different colors and the game gives you the goal to collect enough candies to complete the level. If you complete the level best and best, you will get 3 stars. In the daily mission, the goal will be to get the required number of stars and you have to excel in completing the levels to get the required number of stars in the fastest way. When you reach level 2 and number 3, from two levels the game has more bombs and missiles that will help you break the candies the fastest. For every 2 candies that are close together, the player can click to collect them and the game will replace new candies for you to continue the game.


Cut The Rope has many daily quests for players with different goals. Every day the game has different tasks that players have to complete. To complete levels and missions quickly, players need to use the in-game rocket and bomb features. These 3 objects have essential functions and enormous destructive power. The rocket helps bomb the candy to collect it; When you click on the rocket, it will shoot directly in the direction it is aiming and the player will collect more candies. The bombs in the game will help you explore the candy from a distance near the sphere. Some levels have pink bubbles in the way and players simply click on nearby candies of the same color to make the ball explode. After completing daily tasks, players will feel happier and more relaxed thanks to this game.


Cut The Rope's graphics are very colorful with vibrant colors. The candies in the game are very carefully designed and beautifully designed with small squares and in the middle are pictures of small animals drawn in great detail. Uncle Om Nom is designed very cute and humorous with funny expressions which makes players very excited, especially kids who will love these cute animals. Besides, the sound of the game is also very harmonious with the game. The game's music is soothing and sweet combined with a click when you collect new candies. Especially the sound of the number of stars you gain after each level, maybe that's the sound that everyone likes because it makes people curious about the number of stars we achieve after each level. With a harmonious combination of graphics and design, the game offers players a wonderful and entertaining experience. Cut The Rope- Blast is a game with a new version in Cut The Rope. This game is completely free and players can play whenever and wherever they want. The game has simple gameplay and is very user-friendly and is highly appreciated by users.

Features :

* Simple but exciting gameplay: just combine cubes, place blocks and make tile combinations
* Solve challenging puzzles, get rewards and collect stars
* Constant updates with new levels and content
* Get daily rewards from Crown Rush, Star Tournament, Daily Mission, etc
* Create or join a team to work together
* Destroy opponents in tournaments and limited*time events
* Discover vignettes from the official Om Nom Stories animated series, including a romantic garden, a cute farm, a magical mansion and many other episodes
* This game is also ad*free!
* Develop your puzzle and same*colored block assembling skills by completing sweet candy missions in each round.
* Players accept challenges and discover exciting stories about the land they travel through and meet friends.
* Using the ability to distinguish colors, calculate the appropriate path to quickly complete the provided assembly.
* Pass unique places such as romantic gardens, villas, large farms and experience organized activities.
* Receive daily rewards for hard work in attendance and completing tasks in each round, one of which includes your candy.

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