Crash of Cars v1.7.05 MOD (Unlimited Money) APK

Crash of Cars v1.7.05 MOD (Unlimited Money) APK

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Descriptions :

Crash of Cars (Coins/Gems) - a mix of arcade racing and multiplayer games together. At the beginning of the game you have the option to choose your first car, which will chase the other players and avoid pursuit. A large number of locations where you collect gold crowns, hunt other players, smash their cars and take away what they could collect. Despite its light weight, the game received beautiful 3D graphics and excellent management. Become the best racer in Crash of Cars mod apk.


Crash of Cars has added many new features for players to have a more enjoyable experience. The new Skygarden map offers players imaginative cloud battles in this strange floating world; Perhaps players are more attracted to playing in this dream world than other combat environments. Many new cars will be added like hot air balloons, vertigo cars with unique weapons and more vital combat skills. In addition, a chess mode is available for players to participate in some private games and explore this unique feature. Vehicles have some new hidden cars and it will probably take you a long time to find them to use in games. New missions are set every day with tough challenges for players, and a number of private games are unlocked for players to compete with friends or family. At the same time, after each game you can win special badges, which are gifts in the game.


In Crash of Cars, players need to win lots of crowns and destroy lots of other players in order to win and improve their position in the leaderboard. However, this is not as easy as you think because many other players are competing with you with the same goal. And of course, other players will never be friendly to you; You can always destroy your car to get the crown. You have to move your car to destroy other vehicles with different power-ups like cannons, flamethrowers and bombs to defeat other players and steal their crown. Also, you can customize your vehicle to have more memorable and consistent abilities that help you quickly destroy enemies, such as: For example, seaplanes floating on water or rockets that are immune to other players' flamethrowers.


Crash of Cars offers eight different unique maps for players to enjoy real-time battles. After pushing the games further, the player can unlock four different rare cars among 70 unlockable cars including common, rare, epic and legendary cars, from which you will have your own car collection. You can control the cars you already have and don't have on the screen or in the menu; However, in order to get all of the vehicles offered in this game, the player must purchase them in the game's gach system. More than 30 skins are available to make your car more unique. However, Pepperoni Skin on Camper Van is probably the better choice among skins because it has smart and beautiful design. Players can upgrade their cars with 16 different power-ups including a trebuchet, a cannon flamethrower and many other power-ups that will help you destroy other players' cars easier and faster.


Crash of Cars has eight different levels in which we can fight for the crown and each level will fight in the respective locations including the moon, fortune desert, jungle, castle, mines, mansions and winter land . Each level will have different difficulties and many opponents will fight for the crown. If you feel uncomfortable playing online games with other players, you can also play in single player mode. This means you can create your own sessions however you want and be confident that you can play with your friends or loved ones with your own rules, making you feel better and more comfortable for all players. The game has a varied mission system from easy to hard for players to explore. This is an animated car racing game with beautiful 3D graphics that uses a top view and gives players a more intuitive look. This is a fun game not violent game because the cars in gas season are designed in cartoon style. A favorite point of this game is that players can play offline when there is no internet connection.

Features :

* 8 maps to enjoy multiplayer battles in REAL TIME
* 70+ unlockable cars in 4 different rarities (Common, Rare, Epic, Legendary)
* 30+ skins to customize your cars with. Pepperoni Skin on the Camper Van is a pretty tasty choice.
* 16 upgradeable power*ups including a flamethrower, cannon, trebuchet and more.
* Play with friends feature. There's nothing like destroying your friends :)
* Mission system
* Hourly leaderboard and support for Google Play Game Services
* Single player mode also available
* New content coming soon!

Crash of Cars MOD features

Unlimited Coins/Gems: Our Crash of Cars MOD APK version offers you unlimited coins and gems. You can buy a car, unlock and upgrade equipment at any time. Download the MOD version from the link below this article and enjoy!

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