Craft of Survival Gladiators v4.9 MOD (One Hit Kill/God Mode) APK

Descriptions :

If you are a person who likes action games and want to have exciting fighting and survival experiences, then Craft of Survival - Immortal is an excellent game for you. You will survive in a wild kingdom where many dangers lurk. So you have to go on the path of war to fight these wild zombies. As a survivor, you must unravel the dark secrets of the rift and defeat the evil bandits that have torn your earth to pieces.


If you are a gamer then you must have heard or played games of this type of survival games. However, if you like a bit of classic fantasy then Craft of Survival – Immortal is a game not to be missed; You will take advantage of live battles between many online players to compete.

This game has combined the most popular elements of survival game genre for you to experience such as: B. Building, crafting, fighting, adventures, zombies, especially dungeon wars. Also, the game has harmoniously combined these elements with a realistic 3D environment to bring you more successful and diverse experiences.


You will be embroiled in a multiplayer action role-playing game where your main responsibility is to design and construct a system of combat rules. The game not only offers challenging challenges for players of all skill levels, but also a variety of fun features. Try to live with your own unique strategy until the end of the conflict and win intense battles if you want to be successful.


You choose the races you want to play as and set out to conquer the frontier of the Shattered Coast as a mighty hero. You will wage wars by your rules and build a bright future. You must ensure your credibility and find a way to uncover the mystery behind your immortal soul. You will also have the opportunity to visit various places such as B. Frozen wastelands, war-torn ruins of dark forests with dangers all around you. You will be the one to find out and create your own story and see if you are a born hero or a lone survivor.


First you must map the vast expanses of the Shattered Coast in preparation for the hardships and challenges that await you as you journey through many fantasy lands. Each action or path you choose may contain quests or challenges, but they all help you earn attractive rewards.

Explore your online world freely, visit the dark forest of the Frost Wasteland on your mission and become one of the first heroes to map the mysterious earth under the ocean. You can meet many different enemies, wild wolves, vicious zombie lords or ruthless merciless souls. You can become the strategy master of this game and pass the most difficult levels.


To ensure your long-term survival in this unforgiving multiplayer world, you must conquer the wilderness and hunt fantasy beasts for food. Build a small shack, then grow into a prosperous settlement by farming, crafting, and recruiting companions to prepare for wars. Recruit wise mages into the safehouse to wage war against powerful spirits and earn rewards.

Features :

* Kill enemies in different locations with your own unique strategy while exploring beautiful 3D dungeons and fighting zombies and demons.
* Team up with friends to fend off powerful zombie bosses in online raids, or try to stay alive as long as possible to defeat them.
* Online PvP Games: Here you fight against other players from all over the world and take part in big arenas to complete missions and get attractive rewards.
* Explore different areas in this fantasy world and gather resources, food, sustenance, craft weapons and more to prepare yourself for exciting adventures.
* Build shelters and store resources and a place to hide from enemies or beasts at night. Then, little by little, large houses were built and a monumental city was erected.

Survival on Raft MOD features:

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You touch "Cheats (F1)" in the left corner of the screen to activate the cheat panel. Check out the images below:
Survival and Craft MOD feature
Survival and Crafting MOD by APKCAP

Last words about Craft of Survival Gladiators

The detail of the 3D graphics and items, no matter how small, is very delicate. Above all, the game lets you do everything yourself and build from scratch and survive, which is literally something for brothers with architect blood. Survival on Raft is different and attracts a lot of players, doesn't it? You have to try; it will never let you down.

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How to Download and Install Craft of Survival Gladiators?

First, click the download button, the APK file will be downloaded automatically.
Locate the downloaded APK file in your phone's Downloads folder and open it to install.
Go to your mobile settings, click Security, then Unknown Resources.

Now open the app and enjoy.