Cooking Diary Restaurant Game v2.16.1 MOD (Unlimited Diamonds + Money + Vouchers) APK + DATA


Cooking games are everywhere! Many people love food and cooking! Because of this, there are countless movies, shows, and even games dedicated to the cooking genre. If you like cooking, you will love this game!

Cooking Diary is a cooking simulation game developed by MYTONA with over 10 million downloads on Google Play Store! In this game, you will become the chef of your own restaurant! You will take your grandpa's place, where you will become the chef and try to save the restaurant. You will be responsible for preparing dishes according to customer requirements. But beyond that, there are tons of things to do in this fantastic game! Read on to find out more.

Become a master chef
Cooking Diary has a time management element when you work as a chef in a restaurant. As a chef and manager, you have to prepare delicious food in the shortest possible time. If you wait too long, customers will feel frustrated and leave. They can significantly damage the reputation of the restaurant.

Build your restaurant
With ultimate cooking talent and the title of Best Chef of Tasty Hills, you will be able to build a great restaurant like never before. Cook delicious food and please all the guests who come here. When your dishes win customers over, they come back. In addition, it is also an important task of the restaurant to win over discerning food critics. So always cook with great love for food.

Customize your character
Not only can you be a “master chef”, you can also be the most stylish chef in the world. Dress up your character with hundreds of different outfits and accessories. Change your look by adding a mustache, change your hairstyle, eye color, skin color or even your face. Not only the culinary world, but Cooking Diary is also a world of fashion and furniture for you.

Make grandpa proud
Not just one restaurant, you can own a chain of the largest restaurants in the world. It was then that you restored the empire that left the family. If you witness this, the main character's beloved grandfather will surely be proud of you.


* Cook Dishes - In Cooking Diary, your main task is to cook for the customers. Each customer has their own order that you must follow meticulously. Failure to do this will result in some angry customers and ruined reputation. But if you can cook well, you earn more money and more customers! And as you expand, you'll need to cook more dishes on the menu, so you can serve more customers.

* Manage dozens of restaurants - In real life, we know that many branches are the sign of a restaurant's prosperity. It's the same in Cooking Diary! You start with one restaurant and gradually create more. You can open dozens of restaurants around Tasty Hills, which you can also decorate to your liking. It's up to you how you deal with it, but you have to do it to keep up with the demands.

* Pets - You can also befriend various pets from Tasty Hills! This will make the game so much fun. Try to make friends with many of them.

* Contests - In this game, you can also participate in many contests around town to win prizes and get yourself known! Increase your popularity by winning these tournaments and attract many customers to your place!

* Upgrades - The beauty of owning restaurants is in the decoration! In Cooking Diary, you can decorate your restaurant as you like. You can upgrade your equipment, cooking utensils and more.

* Stunning Graphics - Cooking Diary has really stunning graphics that will make your eyes flutter. In this game, you will experience epic animations.

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