Cooking City Cooking Games v3.08.1.5083 MOD (Infinite Diamond) APK

Descriptions :

Cooking City (Unlimited Money) - exciting and colorful arcade cooking game with casual controls. So you have to take control of a small fast food place and first try to serve as many visitors as possible while creating and sending orders as fast as possible. As you do and complete the tasks, you can expand your shop, decorate it and open new recipes, attracting even more customers. In addition, the developers have added many interesting game features and complement the pleasant impression of the game with excellent bright graphics.


Players can play offline to cook the most delicious and free food in Cooking City. The upgrading of equipment and materials is carried out efficiently, and the replacement of kitchen equipment can quickly meet cooking times and speed up cooking. The richly upgraded ingredients make the dish varied and the food quality.


With Cooking City, players will experience different levels including more than 300 levels and 200 dishes. There are combos, chef, pink and bonus levels. The player earns as much money as possible for the bonus level before the level ends. You will receive the reward and it will update after four hours. The player must complete the matching tasks one by one to get the combo coin.

This level combines three or more dishes, and this reward brings more coins and makes it easier to pass the level. Once you complete all three gameplays in ten levels each, a pink level will appear. They can be repeated to earn more coins that you can choose from the levels you complete.


Users can get likes status from customers by serving their food quickly to make them feel happy. Besides, you can also improve equipment to do the culinary. Your restaurant will not give likes if a guest is poorly served. You can create many combos to succeed and earn more combo gold to get rich!


In Cooking City, players can explore the cuisines of many cities around the world. After completing their first town in the western town, they could begin their journeys. You have two options to start your journey: click on the plane or on the globe icon on the screen to go to more cities.

Cooking City is a kitchen cooking game with strategy, fun simulation and fast-paced gameplay. Players transform into a chef to prepare delicious dishes for customers. In addition, you can discover the food culture by traveling around the world. From there, players build their own culinary kingdom. Chefs really need to understand the dishes requested by the customer in order to properly combine the ingredients. After each round, save your travel and cooking story diary and enjoy the moments when the restaurant is full. Players will enjoy the kitchen area and exciting cooking with a preset time.

Features :

* Can play offline to open your favorite restaurants anywhere right after installation
* Can learn how to cook a variety of delicious dishes using a variety of ingredients
* There are many levels but only one goal to delight the players
* Combine energy sources to complete goals and win rounds
* Many professional kitchen appliances are upgraded to cook all delicious dishes in no time

Cooking City is one of the most addictive cooking time management games out there today. Embark on a brand new culinary adventure with the fast-paced gameplay of Cooking City. Are you a fan of restaurant management games, love to cook and serve delicious dishes to guests in restaurants like Cooking Town, Crazy Cooking Chef or Cooking Adventure? Then Cooking City will soon become your new favorite game.

In the game you will turn into a talented chef, open your own restaurant, travel around the world and cook the best food in the kitchen of Cooking City simulation game. Players will prepare and serve delicious dishes from all countries around the world. Then expanding and developing a multi-country chain of restaurants from classic coffee shops to modern Chinese restaurants, serving everything from pastries to delicious fast food. Test your cooking skills in the Cooking City kitchen and build a culinary empire.

It doesn't require internet connection to play after you install the game. You can enjoy time management games in the palm of your hand by cooking delicious dishes and opening restaurants wherever you want. Then, in Cooking City, build a culinary empire using hundreds of delicious ingredients to create amazing foods like burgers, waffles, fries, and pizza. You will cook the foods you have never made before.

Otherwise, upgrade ingredients to help your restaurant grow. You must be proficient at preparing all dishes and serving customers in each city. The cooking game combines fast-paced strategy to test your management with time-limited cooking challenges. Then get a lot of useful combos and earn a big bonus and experience endless fun with additional levels and cities that are constantly updated.

Players must complete special cooking goals using magic booster items, but cannot burn food using special pans. Try to increase restaurant sales with double promotions with over eight restaurants related to unique cooking appliances and utensils. With coffee machines or pizza ovens, professional chefs can always use them competently with efficient time management thanks to many kitchen appliance upgrades. The excellent quality cooking tools will help you cook faster to beat all time limit levels.

last words

Cooking City MOD APK is a simulation business game with strong time management gameplay. Players have to run their restaurants and are also responsible for providing guests from all over the world with the food they need. In the game, show your cooking skills in the attack of the characteristic theme restaurant and play with different kitchen utensils.

There are over 200 kinds of delicious dishes like burgers, donuts, fries and pizza. Upgrade your ingredients and kitchen tools to make the food you prepare in the game more delicious, from classic coffee to Chinese restaurants, outdoor barbecues to dessert. Finally, improve your cooking skills by constantly unlocking additional levels.

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