Combat Quest Archero Action v0.24.1 Mod (Unlimited Diamonds) Apk

Combat Quest Archer Action RPG - an action game with beautiful graphics and addictive gameplay. The developers moved the events to the fictional Middle Ages, when magic, knights and dragons guarded the princesses in the royal castles. The world is impressive in detail, but full of deceit. Therefore, the main character does not have to look at the sights, but survive - fight with those who appear along the way, gain experience and equipment, develop from a beginner to a hardened adventurer.
* Quick dungeon runs - the perfect and fun way to spend those 10 minutes
* Demanding levels, lots of variety - it never gets boring
* A variety of fighting skills to choose from - can you find the killer combo?
* Huge world map is waiting to be explored
* Endless progress, tons of locations and lots of dungeon modes
* Weapons and Gear: lots of sharpening, upgrading, and choosing sets of gear that work best for you
* High-quality 3D graphics
* Hundreds of monsters and difficult bosses
* (Spoiler): You are supported by a crazy angel and a horny demon (yes, literally)

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