Casting Away Survival v0.0.56 MOD (Unlimited Runes/Resources/No Ads) APK

Descriptions :

Casting Away is a survival simulator on a desert island that can please with the meditative storytelling. The action of the game begins after the main character gets caught in a thunderstorm on a private plane. The lightning that hit the liner causes the character to be on an island that is not marked on the maps. Now his goal is only survival, to which he must devote all his activities. As the game progresses, the player helps the hero with fishing, gathering and even building his farm with wild animals. The graphics in the game are at an excellent level, but it has its own minimalist style.


You play as a famous movie star who is on a flight to his vacation destination. Everything went quite normally while he read the newspaper and relaxedly sipped on a cup of coffee. At this point, the outside of the window suddenly turned gray, and the plane may have entered an area of inclement weather. What's even scarier is that lightning also appeared and struck the plane, damaging it and crashing it into the sea.

No one is alive after this horrible accident but you and you start to drift on a small island in the middle of the vast ocean. Thought that he would not overcome it, due to his strong will to live, he still decided to find a way to survive here. A new journey with many new things is waiting for you, and let's help our guy to survive safely.


He has to get used to everything to survive and it's not easy at all. No food will be available other than finding your own food source. Since you're in the middle of a huge ocean, it's easy to build a small raft with a fishing rod to go fishing for the fish out there. Sometimes an animal like a pig or a dog will drift ashore.

After you can arrange everything to settle down, start using the animals you need to create a farm. This will help you have more loot like meat, milk or even their feathers to craft clothes. But one remarkable thing here is that in the middle of the island there is an altar with mysterious gems and you still discover its secret. Will some bizarre things happen to you?

You won't be able to ignore Casting Away if you're a follower of the survival genre and, above all, you need to have nice graphics. This will also be a game for you to relax and calm down with the gentle sound of the waves.

Features :

* Start the game with an exciting story about crashing your plane and drifting back to an island.
* In any case, your task in the game is to survive on the desert island.
* What you have to do to sustain your life on a desert island is fish for food.
* Evolve your life on the desert island with many different survival activities.
* Gorgeous graphics combined with melodic sound melodies will help you have moments of amusement.

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How to Download and Install Casting Away Survival?

First, click the download button, the APK file will be downloaded automatically.
Locate the downloaded APK file in your phone's Downloads folder and open it to install.
Go to your mobile settings, click Security, then Unknown Resources.

Now open the app and enjoy.