Burnout Masters v1.0039 MOD (Unlimited Money) APK

Burnout Masters v1.0039 MOD (Unlimited Money) APK

Games , Racing

Developer :
Road Burn Games

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Descriptions :

Burnout Masters will take players on smoky tracks while players will try to achieve impressive feats. When the game screen starts, they move to the appropriate place and keep the car on fire to increase the score. At the same time, depending on the points, the size of the bonus is determined and they can buy as much as they want.


In Burnout Masters players will find new cars to own and of course this update is attractive to players. Vehicles of different designs bring immersive experiences to the game screens that players will participate in. At the same time, when a new item appears, there will undoubtedly be new challenges waiting for players to participate and allow them to demonstrate their control skills.

The new challenge that players will find is exciting and varied as they join other players in a match. Each player will try to compete with other players as he burns all the car engines he drives. At the same time, the number of levels in which players must participate is diverse. So try to get the best scores and end up being the winner.


When you join Burnout Masters, you must first become familiar with the controls that this game offers. It makes perfect sense if this is the main factor that determines the results players will get during the game. At the same time, the goal of this game is different from some games of the same genre, since everything focuses on the number of points achieved by the player, and to achieve this they have to make impressive feats.

Players enter a game screen with a different area and try not to touch the surrounding factors as they can affect your results. Once the announcement starts you head to a bigger location and do your engine burn shows. You can make many achievements and collect many points in the game, and depending on how many points you get, the size of the bonus will also differ.

When you start the level, you will see the number of points and the amount considered as a reward in the first three positions, so everyone wants to get the highest score. Money is absolutely important in this game and you will try to control the car without making any mistakes. After each level you will receive a summary of your achieved results and besides the pluses there are also minuses that you must avoid and should not do.


When you complete the levels in Burnout Masters, the ultimate goal is to earn a lot of money and use it to buy the cars you want. There are many types of cars that you can find and take the time to research them before you decide to buy them. At the same time, collecting many cars will bring different experiences as you drive them at different levels. Using a car has never stopped when you buy a car.

After you complete the car purchase, many things force you to spend more money, such as: B. Changing the appearance and interior parts of the car. This change will have a positive effect on your car, and in particular, each change will give the car a new and more impressive look. So this is a feature that no one can ignore as they make their car more beautiful and cool with their favorite color.

Features :

* Players can drive the car and make it hotter by completing many achievements, earning points and getting remarkable rewards.
* On some levels, players will often encounter problems while driving, which of course will affect the number of points they get.
* A variety of cars with different designs can be unlocked, and this number will continue to increase as the game updates.
* If you don't like the basic look of the car you drive, you can use the upgrade feature to add parts and change the car's paint color.
* In the new version of the game, players will face unique challenges in battles with other players in different rounds.

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