Buriedbornes Hardcore RPG v3.9.6 MOD (Mod Soulstones) APK

Descriptions :

Buriedbornes is an RPG with a classic style of controls, gameplay, content and systems, presenting old-school allure with nostalgic graphics. The main impression of the game is its random and deep system that makes every action or element potentially dangerous or positive. Players can also customize their fighting style and explore the world their way in a large fantasy world.


The familiar element of most old-school RPGs is the turn-based combat system, with randomness and scaling aspects to every action. This makes Buriedbornes gameplay more attractive and exciting when players cannot rely on numbers to decide each situation. Furthermore, each progression in the game is slow and familiar to create a distinctive and immersive atmosphere in a signature style.


The combat system in the game relies on many factors to perform actions, including orders, energy consumption, and success rates depending on the type of enemy. It also affects dodge or survival rates and allows players to create weird character builds based on various stats. Some cases also bring many negative situations that make players angry and rely on their luck to survive or defeat random enemies.


Character development is critical to the player's ability to overcome challenges or dangerous dungeons in Buriedbornes. It has no default character classes. Instead, it allows building character stats in many directions, and the system unlocks skills compatible with all requirements. Over time, characters will gradually unlock new content, including new abilities to fight enemies in desperate situations.


The outstanding feature of the whole gameplay is the hardcore element in each content or concept to create a wild journey for the players. In addition, gear systems or stats also have a significant impact on combat, including skill activation, misses, and evasion rates. Not only that, the game also uses a text-driven style to convey each progression of combat with a sense of familiarity and nostalgia with classic RPGs.


The fascinating thing about character development is that players can collect more spells to use widely in battles. Buriedbornes features a complex and chaotic system of gear or spells, allowing players to continuously adapt their combat style to the types of items they acquire along the way. Additionally, additional gear also requires compatible stats to be equipped, demonstrating the madness of dropping items that aren't appropriate for the player.


Depending on the game mode that the player has previously selected, the dungeons are of different sizes. They also automatically change structure randomly, and each room in the dungeon always contains dangerous enemies or complex traps. In addition, the rewards for completing each dungeon are always generous, and players can gear them up for other journeys, deeper into darker and more dangerous dungeons.

Buriedbornes is an excellent choice for RPG enthusiasts, but with serious difficulty and a classic experience. Despite its simplicity in conveying information or storyline, every action of the player carries a lot of emotion, making them consider every factor before doing anything, even when entering new rooms.


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Go to your mobile settings, click Security, then Unknown Resources.

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