Bullet Strike Offline Shooting v1.3.19 MOD (Mod Money/Free use of all weapons) APK

Descriptions :

Bullet Strike is an FPS game that takes players to different locations to face enemies that constantly seek and attack them. The goal of the levels is easy when the player is the survivor after destroying the dangerous enemies. At the same time, the number of weapons that the game offers is very diverse, and the talent system brings efficiency in battle.


If you are a lover of FPS genres and you are looking for an entertaining game, then Bullet Strike can offer you everything you need. You will take part in battles with different enemies and try to destroy them alone to complete the level. At the same time, your ultimate goal is to earn a lot of money from each mission and depending on your level of achievement, the amount of money will be completely different on the game screen.

The controls that you will find in this game are typical of the FPS genre and you don't have to worry when you experience this control feature. The game offers a variety of levels, and at the beginning of the level the player can self-destruct the enemies he sees, although his skills are not too high. Over time, the game will provide a training environment for players to improve their aim and reflex skills.


After going to the Bullet Strike match you will try to move and track the enemies in these battles. You will find that their actions are quite easy to understand as these will be the primary levels. At the same time, they will recognize you over time and can attack you at any time if you appear. So be careful and use the environment to dodge them and counter them accurately.

An interesting point that comes up every time you defeat a target is the appearance of the weapon the enemy is using. Guns in FPS games always have a limited magazine, so players can take any gun they want. At the same time, it gives you the opportunity to try out different weapons so that you can later choose the one that suits you best. Sure, they have different characteristics that you have to adapt to.

Each level has the same goal, but the rewards often change based on your skills. The money you kill enemies doesn't change, but the money you do headshots or pick up items will change the base amount. So if you see a coin drop, don't hesitate to run to get it, or always keep the center of the weapon in a certain position to deal a lot of damage and hit enemies with headshots quickly.


When you start the level of Bullet Strike, you will surely find that you can only use a certain number of weapons, which will be an incentive for players to unlock weapons. They can pick up new weapons to satisfy their curiosity and they will surely know which weapon they think is suitable. At the same time, the number of weapons is diverse, with different skins that you cannot ignore and there are many ways to unlock them.

In addition to the list of weapons that you provide, players are interested in talents - the item will be locked at the beginning of the level. After fulfilling certain conditions, the skill system will be unlocked and remain a mystery. You must use your money to uncover this mystery and depending on how lucky you are; You can unlock impressive talents. The higher the level, the more effective they are.

Features :

* Players will engage in challenging battles as they travel alone to different locations and try to destroy all enemies that appear.
* After the enemy falls, their weapons will fall and you can switch weapons at any time to find out which weapon is right for you.
* Depending on your performance, the amount you can get will change, as there are deciding factors like number of coins and headshots.
* A list of weapons with different genres and skins will surely interest you and find ways to unlock them for use.
* The talent system is an effective support system for players when it brings positive effects and is unlocked randomly.

Download Bullet Strike Offline Shooting v1.3.19 MOD (Mod Money/Free use of all weapons) APK Free


How to Download and Install Bullet Strike Offline Shooting?

First, click the download button, the APK file will be downloaded automatically.
Locate the downloaded APK file in your phone's Downloads folder and open it to install.
Go to your mobile settings, click Security, then Unknown Resources.

Now open the app and enjoy.