Bud Farm Idle Tycoon v1.18.0 MOD (Cash + Gems + Buds + Cards) APK


This game has some similarities to Game Circus' Taps to Riches. Basically these two games are similar in style, they follow one business model, invest, build your career and make the money you dream of. In particular, you will grow weed to trade with huge profits. Due to the connection with addictive substances, the game was restricted to persons aged 16 and over. You should think before downloading this game on your phone.

Grow your garden
By participating in Bud Farm: Idle Tycoon you will help Shorty, Dave and Uncle Floyd. Billionaire Butt Forshner is a greedy man. He wants to take away their house and yard. Help them to save their house and garden with precious trees.

Great storylines
This is where Bud Farm: Idle Tycoon differs from Tap to Riches. Instead of just making money, this game pushes the player to follow the story. The plot of this game is very seamless, tightly connected. Since the storyline is divided into episodes, you must play through each episode to reach your ultimate goal of owning a rich garden.

Collect characters
As I said above, Bud Farm: Idle Tycoon lets you start with a party of three. But this is not the limit and you can recruit more members to help the garden grow more. Each member has expert knowledge about a different plant, so you need to find many experts to pass the levels more easily. In addition, to increase profits, you can improve your character.


* Plant different types of weeds - In this game you can plant weeds and earn money from the sale. The bigger the grass, the bigger the win you can make! But you must first build a solid foundation in your business if you want it to thrive. You can plant different types of weed here like Marijuana, White Widow, NYC Diesel and many more. Enjoy the variety of businesses you can own and live the best life you can imagine.

* Unlock Unique Characters - In this game, you and a group of crazy friends are trying to start a cannabis business. But as you grow, you need to hire more people to manage your business! There are tons of characters to unlock in this game and they are not limited to just a few people. Here you can unlock Dave, Shorty, Floyd, Sasquatch, Potbot 5000, Fir Tree, Crystal and many more. Each character belongs to a rarity such as Common, Rare, and Epic.

* Upgrade and earn more money - There are levels for each weed farm in Bud Farm Idle Tycoon. You can reach new levels as you expand and get more customers. You also need to assign some pawns to take care of them and your profits!

* Cool looking graphics - In this game all characters have red eyes which is a great thing! Enjoy the realistic illustrations of weeds.

* Build a weed farm - There aren't many weed farms in the real world as weed is still not legal in most countries. But still, you might have dreamed of owning one and chilling your way through life, right? If yes, then Bud Farm Idle Tycoon is the perfect game for you! Invest in weed and become a millionaire while working with different weeds. In this game you will enjoy the story as well as the different types of weed available if you love weed

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