Armed Air Forces Jet Fighter Flight Simulator v1.056 MOD (Free Shopping) APK

Descriptions :

Armed Air Forces-Jet Fighter Flight Simulator a flight simulator in which the player tries to play the role of a military pilot. The user can try various airspace operations related to eliminating other fighters and ground equipment, as well as protecting and covering allies. To carry out a combat mission, the player uses one of several featured aircraft with different characteristics. All models have convenient controls so everyone can enjoy flying and fighting.


This is a strategy game that gives players the experience of flying an airplane on their device. The player can experience real flying anywhere, anytime, anywhere. The game requires an operating system with Android 8.0 or higher with version 1.053. In addition to. The game is slightly violent for young ages, so they must be at least seven years old. The game also requires that the player's device has at least 3 RAM with 64-bit architecture, which is recommended for all devices. In this game, players can explore unique space models, explore big cities with tall buildings and pristine mountains, good things appear in the air. In addition, in order to become a real military pilot, players will have to face enemies from the air and challenges that the game poses within the game. Completely simple and easy to use, players will not be under any pressure. Armed Air Forces - Jet Fighter Flight Simulator


As the game is primarily designed to be played in the city skies, the player is treated to the experience of flying a fighter. The player starts dogfight combat to explore what is in the sky and complete quests. The plane numbered SW 360 in yellow color will be the warriors that will accompany you throughout the game and it is the device that will help you find your enemy. This is an excellent opportunity for you to experience becoming an army with talented pilots. Feel free to enjoy the good things in the sky from an airplane perspective. Players explore the city's beautiful skyscrapers, houses and buildings. What could be better than watching the shimmering city lights from the overhead view of a tactical aircraft, the legendary WWII? Armed Air Forces - Jet Fighter Flight Simulator


A super amazing game from the small details that bring a friendly feeling to the user. Armed Air Forces is a strategy game that is similar to other PUBG games but different and more unique than many other strategy games. There are also a number of special features in the game that the manufacturer has installed. Players are played in dogfight mode, which gets planes for themselves, which come in handy for coming face-to-face with enemies in the air. There are also quite different challenges and missions for players to destroy enemies from the air. Players will be equipped with real weapons, take advantage and quickly use the right weapons. In addition, each aircraft has a 3D cockpit with working tools or a HUD screen. Your flight will be recorded for later use as an AI aircraft with the VTOL flight mode selected for the F-35 Lightning II and AV-8B Harrier II. Armed Air Forces - Jet Fighter Flight Simulator


Everything in the game is perfect from every angle, from the sound to the visual lighting; Players will feel awed by everything that appears in the game. High-end offers great rooms for gamers. The sound is lively, attractive and suitable for every action in the game; Players will feel comfortable playing the game. Of course, the weapons and equipment provided to the players in the game are very realistic sharp 3D images. Everything in Armed Air Forces is constantly updated, bringing a new one for people who are not bored with space. A genre of mild violence strategy games appeared in a completely new appearance that satisfied all the requirements of the players. This is the most popular game type today, so users don't. Be sure and confirm that the game is too excellent and always gives players useful moments of entertainment with friends to experience flying tactical airplane battles.

Features :

* Simple mission generator for quick battles (enemy planes, vehicles, buildings)
* Dogfight mode
* Record your flight mode (You can record your flight and later use it as an AI plane for formation flying)
* Each aircraft features a detailed 3D cockpit with working instruments, HUD or MFD displays.
* Each aircraft carries real armament.
* Each plane has its own physics, wing and limitations.
* Choose the time of day.
* VTOL flight modes for F-35 Lightning II and AV-8B Harrier II
* High-end graphics for the latest devices (also optimized for older devices)
* HOT or COLD start (from taxi)

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